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Spring 2020: Stories of celebration

17 August 2020


Celebrations all around

13 September 2020 |

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Young Journalist Award, brought to you by Australian Catholic University.

Home truths: Party hearty

23 August 2020 | Kate Moriarty

The key to celebrations is sometimes to forget the messy bits and just remember the good.

Celebrating sacraments under COVID-19

22 August 2020 | Michael McVeigh

The sacraments follow the rhythms of our lives, which continue even in the midst of a global pandemic. How are Catholics adapting the celebration of sacraments during these times?

Around the Church

22 August 2020 |

Articles of interest from around the Church in the Spring 2020 edition of Australian Catholics.

Around the schools

22 August 2020 |

Items of interest from the Catholic education world in the Spring 2020 edition of Australian Catholics.


22 August 2020 |

News items for the Spring 2020 edition of Australian Catholics.

A privileged accompaniment

22 August 2020 | Olivia Vercoe

One of the privileges of being involved in a church is accompanying people during the most important moments of their lives. One of our interns spoke with Jenny Rose, who is a member of Hillston Uniting Church in Sydney, about her experiences of accompanying families at funerals in her community.

A letter to Catherine McAuley

17 August 2020 | Michael McGirr

Reflecting on the advice by Sr Catherine McAuley to her sisters to 'dance every evening'.

Explorations: Joy and thanksgiving

19 August 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

For some people, religion can seem dull and sombre. Yet there’s a deep joy at the heart of religious life for Christians. In this Explorations, we explore the role of joy in faith.

Faith in an age of melancholy

23 August 2020 | Fr David Braithwaite SJ

In today’s debate about the worth of heroes, the Catholic tradition can hold both heroes and victims because Christ is both.

The party life of Jesus

23 August 2020 |

Jesus’ life was spent doing the things he thought were important – celebrating and spending time with people he cared about. That’s not a bad way to live.

The day the Lord has made

23 August 2020 | Ann Rennie

It might be a time for muted celebration, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to celebrate.

The lifeblood of any celebration

18 August 2020 | Peter Fleming

St Martha may have chosen the ‘worse part’, but she had a special relationship with Jesus, who knew that we need people like her in the world.

Gaming the Gospels: Celebrating who we are

23 August 2020 |

What does Jesus value about us?

Gaming the Gospels – Party games edition

18 August 2020 | Kate Moriarty

Sometimes the best way to learn is by playing a game. 

Learning about journalism

23 August 2020 | Alissa-Rose Probyn

Nine students joined us online for this year’s Australian Catholics Internship Program. During the week the students had the opportunity to hear from a number of guest speakers about the working life of journalists.

Grandfather’s piece

22 August 2020 | Olivia Vercoe

Music evokes cherished memories.

Who should we celebrate?

22 August 2020 | Ava Barratt

This Spring edition has been put together by a group of Year 10 and 11 students from Catholic schools around Australia. The students spent a week online with our editors, learning about media and publishing, while planning and writing articles for the magazine.

The theme of the edition is ‘Celebration’. The students have reflected on what the theme means to them, and in particular the sorts of stories they want to celebrate. Here, one of the students, Ava Barratt, reflects on what the theme means to her.

Where traditions come from

22 August 2020 | C. S. Kim

How well do you know the traditions around cake cutting for birthdays?

The street shredder

19 August 2020 | Will Olteanu

A story about the struggles of finding your way as a teenager in a small country town.

An invitation

18 August 2020 | Sophie Thompson

We are invited to celebrate our faith and the happiness God brings people.

The ingredients for a happy occasion

18 August 2020 | Teagan Brunner

Young writer Teagan Brunner talks with her aunt Gabby about her aunt's passion for, and the demands of, the cake business.

Re-discovering what’s important

18 August 2020 | Molly Brabham

COVID-19 might have changed the way we can celebrate special events, but the impact hasn’t been completely bad.

A brief period of rejoicing

18 August 2020 | Sophie Thompson

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on all of our lives this year. One of our young writers looks ahead at what it might be like when the lockdowns and social distancing ends.

Celebrating life

18 August 2020 | C. S. Kim

Life can have its ups and downs for all of us, particularly in these times. I find, however, that there are things I can do to help me get in the right mindset for the day.


A sacramental comedy

17 August 2020 | Olivia Vercoe

It may not have been the confirmation experience she expected, but Olivia Vercoe still remembers the day fondly.

Fighting and surviving

17 August 2020 | Ava Barratt and Molly Brabham

Over the summer of 2019/20, bushfires raged across the country. There are many stories that could be told of the courage of those who fought the fires, and those who were caught up in the disaster. Our young editors share the stories of two people from NSW.

All the world’s a celebration

17 August 2020 | Isobella Cantwell

All around the world, people have found different ways to celebrate the things that are important to them. One of our young editors decided to explore some celebrations that might seem strange to us, but have a special significance for many people.

Joy through the ages

17 August 2020 | Teagan Brunner

Some happy snaps from birthday parties across the ages.

YJA Intermediate: 78-year-old migrant volunteer brings happiness to her community

17 August 2020 | Jack Panozzo Mancini

2020 Young Journalist Award - Intermediate Section – Print Winner: Jack Panozzo Mancini, Cabra Dominican College, Cumberland Park, SA.

YJA Intermediate: Grace’s creations, from the heart

17 August 2020 | Angela Lam

Intermediate Section – Print Runner-up: Angela Lam, Cabra Dominican College, Cumberland Park, SA.

YJA Intermediate: Happy memories

17 August 2020 |

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Section – Photography Winner: Tara Marlborough, St Patrick’s College, Townsville, QLD.

YJA Intermediate: 50 years of marriage

17 August 2020 | Gillian Fox

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Section – Photography Runner-up: Gillian Fox, St Aloysius College, North Melbourne, Vic.

YJA Intermediate: Jennylynne's story

17 August 2020 | Imogen Buttigieg

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Section – Digital Winner: Imogen Buttigieg, Caroline Chisholm College, Glenmore Park, NSW.

YJA Intermediate: A person of hope

17 August 2020 | Therese Armstrong

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Section – Digital media Runner-up: Therese Armstrong, Caroline Chisholm College, Glenmore Park, NSW.

YJA Junior: Nana rides the Nullabor

17 August 2020 | Nick Dunn

Junior section – Print Winner: Nick Dunn, St Peter Chanel School, The Gap, QLD.

YJA Junior: Freedom wheels

17 August 2020 | William Boyle

Young Journalist Award Junior Section – Print Runner-up: William Boyle, St Joseph’s Primary School, The Junction, NSW.

YJA Junior: Art on the street during quarantine

17 August 2020 | Sadie James

Young Journalist Award Junior Section - Photo Winner: Sadie James, Genazzano FCJ College, Kew, Vic.

YJA Junior: Earth Day

17 August 2020 | Zali Kennaway

Young Journalist Award Junior Section – Photo Runner-up: Zali Kennaway, Genazzano FCJ College, Kew, Vic.

YJA Junior: Living immediately

17 August 2020 | Madeleine Gill

Young Journalist Award Junior Section – Digital Winner: Madeleine Gill, St Joseph’s Primary School, The Junction, NSW.

YJA Junior: Air Force idol

17 August 2020 |

Young Journalist Award Junior Section – Digital Runner-up: Ivy Kiem, St Joseph’s Primary School, The Junction, NSW.

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