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Autumn 2021: The waiting place

03 February 2021


St Maximilian Kolbe’s choice

15 February 2021 | Peter Fleming

The patience of a saint.

Breaking open the Church for women

15 February 2021 | Deb Kent

Phyliss Zagano has been a member of a commission set up by Pope Francis to study women’s deacons, and has published numerous works on the issue. In this interview, Deb Kent asks her about her work, and why the Church struggles to see women as made in the image of Christ.

Entries open for the 2021 Young Voices Awards

01 March 2021 |

Jesuit Communications Australia (Jescom) has launched the Young Voices Awards, offering students around Australia the chance to advocate on issues of importance to them.

Australian Catholics magazine launches national internship program

01 March 2021 |

Australian Catholics has launched its media internship program for 2021, giving year 10 and 11 students across the country an exciting introduction to a career in the media.

Seeing beyond the walls

16 February 2021 | Hannah Kennelly

Anchored in compassion and mercy, prison chaplains provide essential pastoral care to incarcerated men, women and children.

Four warning signs that you’re becoming an adult

16 February 2021 | Sinead Goodfellow

Worried your youth is running away from you? One of our young writers shares some of the danger signs.

A letter to an aged care worker

16 February 2021 | Michael McGirr

Dear Nasra, This is one of those ‘you don’t know me but’ letters. I apologise in advance.

Anticipating the Plenary Council

16 February 2021 | Michael McVeigh

There’s great anticipation in the Catholic Church around the upcoming Plenary Council. Just what might we hope for from the gathering, after a long and involved consultation process?

Around the church – autumn 2021

16 February 2021 |

This issues's parish focus looks at questions around Victoria's Anti-Conversion Therapy Bill, recognition for women's role in the church, and new safeguarding body launched.

Around the schools

16 February 2021 |

Information for supporting children's education, tips for students learning at home and Marist Schools across Australia have a special focus for 2021: 'Breathe: the spirit of life'.

Celebrating 200 years of Catholic education

15 February 2021 |

In 2021, Catholic education celebrates its 200th anniversary in Australia. Today there are 1751 Catholic schools educating 768,000 students and employing 98,000 staff.

Where every person finds a welcome

15 February 2021 | Thea Kurniawan

One of our young writers interviews Damian Walsh, the Director of The Shopfront in Perth.


15 February 2021 |

A round-up of interesting news items, including the launch of a podcast for students by students at Catholic Regional College, St Albans in Melbourne; Australia urged to sign nuclear treaty and an earthquake relief response.

Finding shelter in poetry

09 February 2021 | Catherine Marshall

Sydney-based poet David Marsh talks about life on the street, his struggles with mental illness, and how he found a way to share those experiences to help others.

Explorations: Social justice and the margins

16 February 2021 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Catholic Social Teaching is an important part of a faith that does justice. In this Explorations, we explore what it means to have a concern for those at the margins.


16 February 2021 | Angelo Campagna

In the language of the Hebrew people, there’s a word for waiting that doesn’t mean passively doing nothing, but instead captures what it means to hope and prepare for something new.

A song yet to be heard – Dreaming of a reconciled Australia

15 February 2021 | Sherry Balcombe

The wait for Reconciliation continues for First Nations peoples.

A life of waiting

15 February 2021 | Fr David Holdcroft SJ

Millions of people around the world live in refugee camps. They are victims of war and persecution, unable to return to their homes, but also unable to start new lives until they find acceptance elsewhere. 

A sacred vigil

15 February 2021 | Caitlin Humphrys

When we experience trauma in our lives we desire to be healed. We want the resurrection. But what of Holy Saturday? I have come to know the vigil at Christ’s tomb before the resurrection as a sacred space of healing, safety, and intimacy with God. That time of waiting and seeking makes the resurrection triumphant.

CONTENT WARNING: This article explores experiences of abuse

What to expect

16 February 2021 | Kate Moriarty

No manual can prepare you for everything involved in becoming a parent.

Crossing the threshold

15 February 2021 | Ann Rennie

Exploring the space between Before and After.

The game of life

18 February 2021 | Alice Carwardine

What new experiences await you in the future? How will you get the most out of your life? Our Game of Life will help you explore some of the possibilities.

Playlist: The waiting place

16 February 2021 | Elise Ho

Exploring loss and hope in poem, prose and web comic.


16 February 2021 | Sophie Thompson

Take part in the Autumn 2021 quiz on Bible stories about waiting.

Gaming the Gospels: The spirit is willing

16 February 2021 |

This game is based around the story of Jesus and his disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matt 26: 36 – 46).

The audition

16 February 2021 | Molly Brabham

One of our young writers shares a rite of passage experience – waiting to be cast into a role.

Rites of passage for young people today

16 February 2021 | Dana Sutherland

A young writer talks about four things that marked the transition from child to 'grown up'.

Holding on to hope

15 February 2021 | Ann Maria Sabu

One of our young writers community members shares her experiences visiting asylum seekers in detention.

A disciple in the waiting

15 February 2021 | Geraldine Vytilingam

One of our young writers imagines what it might have been like for the followers of Jesus on Holy Saturday.

Life after a vaccine

02 February 2021 | Tatiana Kurniawan

As we wait for a COVID-19 vaccine, and anticipate life afterwards, what are the things we want to hold on to?

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