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26 February 2017

Faith education

Catholic Teacher blog: Life's journeys

23 October 2018 | Brendan Nicholls

As senior students begin the next part of their life’s journey, St Francis Xavier offers much to contemplate and apply when change occurs.

Catholic Teacher blog: Rainbow of capabilities

26 October 2020 | Kain Noack

Taking into account the maxim ‘What gets measured is what gets treasured’, it is important for schools to recognise ‘human’ skills as well as academic achievement.

2020 Young Journalist Award: Junior winners

20 October 2020 | Editors

Here are the winning print, photography and digital media entries for the Junior Section of the 2020 Young Journalist Award, with thanks to Australian Catholic University.

Bluey’s magical and sacred family home

20 October 2020 | Michael McVeigh

Our family rituals and prayers might seem humble compared to Sunday Mass, yet it’s here that my children will first encounter the mysterious and wonderful idea of a loving God.

Fratelli Tutti: seeking the common good

14 October 2020 |

Pope Francis' latest encyclical letter Fratelli Tutti is, as we might have anticipated, a reflection on our times.

2020 Young Journalist Award: Intermediate Winners

12 October 2020 | Editors

Bringing you the winning print, photography and digital media entries for the 2020 Young Journalist Award, with thanks to Australian Catholic University. 

Catholic Teacher: Faith formation resources for Term Four 2020

06 October 2020 | Michael McVeigh


This term, topics for Catholic Teacher will be a mix of ‘celebration’ stories from Australian Catholics’ Spring 2020 edition and stories and features of pilgrimage from the Summer 2020/21 edition.


Wisdom from isolation

16 September 2020 | Brendan Nicholls

As we continue to make sacrifices to reduce the number of Coronavirus infections here in Victoria and await the ‘steady and safe’ steps towards the easing of restrictions there is much to contemplate.

The work of peace

15 September 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The International Day of Peace on 21 September looks at the broadest worldwide canvas but if we want peace then we must begin with negotiation of differences through apologies and reconciliation in personal relationships.

Students' perspectives on coping with COVID-19

08 September 2020 |

Students from St Ignatius’ College Adelaide share what they’ve learned and how they have coped with all the upheavals of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lessons and challenges of COVID-19

08 September 2020 | Fr Peter Hosking SJ

The COVID pandemic has been harder for some than others, says Fr Peter Hosking SJ. Some cope well, resourcefully facing challenges. Some struggle feeling hounded by daily threats. Peers and friends, to a large degree, know who is coping and who is not, but a lack of face to face interactions can affect us emotionally. When people feel not in control, it is important to talk with a wise person – a friend, family member, counsellor.

Week of solidarity with children and young people seeking asylum

02 September 2020 | Michael McVeigh

Catholic schools across Australia are being invited to join in a National Week of Solidarity from 6 to 12 September, calling for people seeking asylum to be given the support they need during COVID-19.

Safeguarding education

01 September 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

This month will see a new UN observance – Day to Protect Education from Attack. The Day draws attention to the plight of more than 75 million 3-to-18-year-olds living in 35 crisis-affected countries and to their urgent need of educational support. 

Catholic Earthcare Australia to launch virtual Convocation

25 August 2020 |

With a significant line up of renonwned speakers, Catholic Earthcare will host a Convocation – a virtual meeting place to bring our hearts together to 'care for our common home' next month. 

Season of Creation reflection 2020

25 August 2020 | Michele Frankeni

Readings, hymns, reflection and prayers of petition for Season of Creation.

Faith matters – transformation

18 August 2020 | Brendan Nicholls

Are we able to transform ourselves to cope with the challenge of the pandemic?

Growing better societies

11 August 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

When disaster threatens societies face a choice – withdraw into themselves or embrace humanitarism.

A double challenge

06 August 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The Day for Indigenous Peoples (9 August) invites us to attend to the distinctive lives and hopes of Indigenous Australians and also to recognise of what they share with other Indigenous peoples throughout the world.

Faith Matters – Developing good soil

28 July 2020 | Brendan Nicholls

Plants can teach us much about reaching our potential and the need for favourable environmental factors that ensure growth.

Catholic Teacher blog: Friendship and resilience

14 July 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

In future 2020 will be remembered by many different names. In Australia, one of them could well be the Year of Hard Times and Places.

The winter of our positive intent

23 June 2020 | Sr Mary Tinney RSM

The darkness and bleakness of winter is no match for our belief in the healing love of God.

Giving voice to the refugee experience

09 June 2020 |

Sajeeda Bahadurmia of the JRS Australia ‘Refugee Voices’ program shares her story ahead of World Refugee Week.

Faith Matters – Let’s go wandering

26 May 2020 | Brendan Nicholls

As we move out of lockdown we look forward to being more active and mobile – to begin wandering again.

Servant leadership: The Grad at Grad

26 May 2020 | Fr Ross Jones SJ

Dr Tony Fauci has become a regular feature at White House press conferences as the US struggles to come to grips with the coronavirus. The Jesuit-educated Fauci is described by one author as a leader who embraces facts, principled pragmatism and humane values – a servant-leader.

Students make real-life connections online

19 May 2020 | Bruce Carr

Our Lady Queen of Peace students use technology to stay in contact with elders living at an aged care facility.

In this together

12 May 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The likely subdued celebration this year would echo even better the stories that underlie Reconciliation Week.

Faith Matters – The Sabbath

12 May 2020 | Brendan Nicholls

Perhaps humans and the environment would benefit from once again observing a day of rest.

Catholic Teacher blog: Faith matters – isolation

22 April 2020 | Brendan Nicholls

St Ignatius has much to teach us about living positively while in 'isolation'.

In times of crisis, what can we learn from refugees?

14 April 2020 | Jesuit Social Services

Danielle Sherry is coordinator of Jesuit Social Services Just Voices Speakers Program. She recently spoke to Just Voices participant Isaiah Lahai about the lessons that can be learned from the experience of being a refugee for those grappling with life during a global pandemic.

World Mother Earth Day

07 April 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

The theme for Earth Day 2020 on 22 April is climate action.

Anzac Day 2020

07 April 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

In recent years the public celebration of Anzac Day has been a little overblown. There

Catholic Teacher blog: Teaching remotely

01 April 2020 | Sara Tacey

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our world and lives in a myriad of ways – not least the need for schools to move to an online learning. Sara Tacey has worked for three years at Virtual School Victoria and has some advice for educators transitioning to online or distance learning.

Support for online RE during COVID-19

01 April 2020 | Michael McVeigh

Whether you are a long-time subscriber to Australian Catholics, or whether you have recently arranged a subscription, we are here to help you get the most out of your subscription.

Rhythm of life

01 April 2020 | Michele Frankeni

Passover and Easter are intertwined. Jesus was in Jerusalem for the Passover celebrations when the events of Easter occurred. In this article, Jemima Hoffman talks about how for her being Jewish centres around family traditions and foods.

Accessing Australian Catholics resources for online learning

26 March 2020 |

To support Catholic school communities around the country Australian Catholics has committed to offer free trial access to ACpremium resources to schools who do not currently have access. 

Faith Matters – The Word

17 March 2020 | Brendan Nicholls

It may prove profitable during these times and remember that we are ‘in the world, not of the world’ and that the promises made to us are true and recorded for us in the Bible.

Catholic Teacher blog: Coronavirus and schools

17 March 2020 | Staff

The Coronavirius will have an enormous effect on the Australian community over coming weeks. We’ve put together this guide to help Catholic school communities ensure they are doing all they can to minimise the impact of the virus and support people who are affected.

Discerning manhood

02 March 2020 | Mark Tannock

Boys' schools must be at the forefront of giving witness to how healthy, deep and respectful relationships are formed with girls and women.

Scholars gather for international Catholic RE Conference

19 February 2020 | ACU Media Release

More than 77 delegates from across the globe gathered at the 2nd International Conference on Catholic Religious Education in Schools in Melbourne, Australia last week.

Catholic Teacher blog: Ash Wednesday

18 February 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

In 2020 it is hard to think of Ash Wednesday (26 February) without also seeing the burned houses and forests and the charred bodies of animals left after the bushfires.

Kangaroo Island paradise lost

05 February 2020 | Catherine Marshall

The summer bushfires have brought home to many the value and beauty of Australia's wildlife and habitats.

The importance of apologies

02 February 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

As the anniversary of the Apology to the Stolen Generations nears it is timely to consider the significance of apologies.

2020 Media Internship – Opportunity for students

29 November 2019 | Michael McVeigh

Are you aware of any 2020 Year 10 or 11 students interested in a career in media or publishing? Here’s an opportunity for them to be a guest editor or interstate correspondent in our media internship program.

Big changes for 2020 Young Journalist Award

27 November 2019 |

The Australian Catholics Young Journalist Award will be bigger than ever in 2020. Here are all the details and key dates to help teachers plan how to support their students in entering the awards next year.

Mission Australia Youth Survey Report 2019

27 November 2019 | Mission Australia

This year’s Mission Australia Youth Survey Report finds that young people in Australia are concerned about mental health, the environment, bullying and voice.

Catholic Teacher blog: Meeting the Earthcare challenge

19 November 2019 | Bruce Carr

Catherine McAuley College, Westmead, students constructed environmental sustainability awareness campaigns using different elements of God’s creation.

Faith Matters – To love and serve

19 November 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

At Christmas time organisations such as St Vincent de Paul, that do so much to help the marginalised, are even more necessary. During Advent we have the chance to support their work.

Catholic Teachers blog: Universal Children’s Day

13 November 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Universal Children’s Day on 20 November invites us to attend to the deeper everyday reality of children’s lives around the world.

Reflections on being a Catholic school teacher

12 November 2019 | Bridget White

Despite the many difficulties of holding strong to the Catholic faith in these secular times, the best reason to be a religious educator is the children and their uncomplicated faith.

Understanding where the story begins

05 November 2019 | Sponsored post

The following Teacher Blog post is brought to you in conjunction with our partners, Seven Steps to Writing Success.

Catholic Teacher blog: A time for examination

29 October 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Examinations are about judgment – how we judge ourselves, how others judge us. But they are about a very small part of ourselves – the way we deal with a range of questions about topics.

Catholic teacher blog: Out into the deep

09 October 2019 | Bruce Carr

Parramatta Catholic students have responded enthusiastically to the Catholic Education Office’s rewrite of the Religious Education curriculum.

Faith Matters – Atonement

08 October 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

As we move into the final term we have around 40 days to achieve our goals for the academic year and reflect on our growth, and identify the times we have failed to live as God intended us to.

Catholic Teacher blog: Catholic Week for the Environment (16-23 September)

10 September 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Last month Australians learned how seriously the Pacific Island nations take climate change, and what they expect from Australia and from other developed nations.


High school students take over Jesuit publication

03 September 2019 | Michael McVeigh

Six Catholic school students have contributed their insights and stories to the Spring 2019 edition of Australian Catholics magazine, distributed in schools and parishes across Australia last month.


Close to home report on alcohol and drug use

20 August 2019 | Mission Australia

The Mission Australia 2018 Youth Survey report 'Close to home' looks at young people whose lives have been affected by alcohol and drugs.

Faith Matters – Walking on Water

13 August 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

It is in the times of agitation or pressure where we need to especially pause and consider what has been revealed to us by Jesus and be assured of his presence and promises.

Bible reflection: 'The Almighty has done great things for me'

06 August 2019 |

The Gospel for the Feast of the Assumption (15 August) is the telling of Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-56). Mary had a positive and simple answer to all God called her to do – yes.

Catholic Teacher blog: International Youth Day

05 August 2019 | Andrew Hamilton SJ

It is fortuitous that International Youth Day on 12 August this year falls on the same day as Eid-al-adha, the Muslim feast that commemorates Abraham’s expedition to sacrifice Isaac at God’s command.

Mary MacKillop – A lifetime of service

31 July 2019 | Michele Frankeni

While it is 110 years since her death (8 August 1909), the words of Australia’s first saint, Mary MacKillop, and the example of her life resonate today. Here are her thoughts on the virtues of charity and service.

Celebrating St Ignatius’ Feast Day

16 July 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Ignatius’ distinctive gift was to combine a passionate desire to serve God through following Jesus’ way with prayerful reflection about how to adapt his service to the diverse and changing situations of his age.

Ignatian discernment: making better choices

16 July 2019 | James O'Brien

A new pilgrim, Ignatius once let a donkey decide whether he would go after and attack a man he met on the road who had insulted Mary, the mother of Jesus. The donkey took the better path, and so then did Ignatius.

Faith Matters – Neighbours

16 July 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

We, as individuals, communities and as a nation, would do well to reflect on the Gospel reading of The Good Samaritan in the context of refugees and asylum seekers.

Spirituality Prayer Day Walk

25 June 2019 | Maureen Stella

Maureen Stella, St John's Catholic Primary School, Heidelberg, reflects on taking part in a Spirituality Prayer Day Walk.

Faith Matters – Time to relax

25 June 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

The mid-year school holidays is a time for students and teachers to rest and relax.

Catholic Teacher blog: NAIDOC Week 2019

17 June 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

NAIDOC Week emerged from the recognition by Indigenous Australians that they were neglected and not listened to, and from their determination to change things.

Catholic Teacher blog: The decay of the land

11 June 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Desertification is the degradation of land in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas. The UN World Day to Combat Desertification will be held on 17 June.

Giving children hope

05 June 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Each year on 12 June, the World Day Against Child Labour brings together governments, employers and workers organizations, civil society, as well as millions of people from around the world to highlight the plight of child labourers and what can be done to help them. The theme for 2019 is ‘Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams!’

Catholic Teacher blog: Stand with refugees

04 June 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Refugees are not a number nor a problem but are persons, each of whom is precious, each of whom has a story, each of whom makes a claim on us as fellow human beings.

Australian schools give generously to Project Compassion

04 June 2019 | Caritas Australia

All around the country, schools, parishes and communities have given generously to Caritas Australia through its Annual Lenten fundraising campaign, Project Compassion.

Faith Matters – Arctic

04 June 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

Our seasons are a reminder that nothing is permanent and that we need to adapt and enjoy change. The true test of this ability is to have the courage to rug up and walk straight out into the storm with excitement and a sense of joy.

What should Australians know about refugees

04 June 2019 |

Australian Catholics journalist interns recently recorded a podcast interview with Agum from the Jesuit Social Services Just Voices Speakers Program. Agum arrived in Australia in 2008, after fleeing from Sudan as a refugee when she was a child.

Faith Matters – Inspiration

28 May 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

Despite challenges the mission of the church remains. Indeed the Holy Spirit always guides us so that justice, vitality and new ways come from times of challenge.

Catholic Teacher blog: Queen's Birthday

28 May 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

As Queen's Birthday weekend nears it is right to acknowledge that at a time when the conduct of public life has become increasing fractious and egocentric heads of state who are a model of dignity and of moderation are a blessing.

Catholic Teacher blog: Stories of homelessness

27 May 2019 |

It can be frighteningly easy to slip into homelessness – a job loss, sickness, family breakdown or shortage of affordable housing can all be factors. Three people tell their stories.

Catholic Teacher blog: Saying sorry

14 May 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

May 27 to 3 June is a week-long commemoration of significant events in the encounter between Indigenous people and later arrivals in Australia.

Catholic Teacher: Planning our youth edition

14 May 2019 | Michael McVeigh

Six students from Catholic schools around Melbourne have been hard at work this week planning articles for the Spring edition and learning about publishing on our media internship program.

Faith Matters – Christus Vivit!

07 May 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation: Christus Vivit – Christ is Alive has some beautiful teachings for young people that are worth noting, says Brendan Nicholls.

Catholic Teacher blog: Days of diversity

06 May 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Three days have been set aside in May to celebrate diversity in various forms –  Day of Bees (21 May), Day of Cultural Diversity (22 May) and Day of Biological Diversity (23 May).

Catholic education a force for social harmony

01 May 2019 | Australian Catholic University

Free – yet accountable – Catholic education remains a powerful catalyst for social harmony according to a visiting expert in international and human rights law.

Thanking our mothers

30 April 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Mother's Day gives us the opportunity to thank our mothers and to reflect on the distinctive contribution that mothers make to society through their care of their children. 

Catholic Teacher blog: World Water Day

13 March 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

To sustain our lives we need to respect the natural cycles: to protect the conditions under which rain will fall, rivers will flow and forests will grow from the source of streams to river mouth.

Catholic Teacher blog: Love counts no cost

05 March 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Love makes us able to celebrate the simplest and apparently most inconsequential aspects of our relationships. There is a synchronicity in Down Syndrome and World Poetry Days being on the same day as they are both about discovering depth and value in places we might see as ordinary.

Catholic Teacher blog: Telling womens' history

25 February 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

One of the great gifts the past 50 years has brought is the number of women who have described the world from a woman’s perspective.

Catholic Teacher blog: Faith matters – humility

20 February 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

When we compare good and evil in the world it’s clear that good has the numbers. Thus, we can be hopeful and positive about our world.

Catholic Teacher blog: Set the world on fire

20 February 2019 |

The first Year 12 students have graduated from their new high shool in Timor-Leste with outstanding results.

Catholic Teacher blog: Go forward in hope

06 February 2019 | Brendan Nicholls

People are made for growth. If you remove the chance to return to what is safe, then the only way is forward.

Faith matters: Flight

04 December 2018 | Brendan Nicholls

Kelly LatimoreAdvent is a time to consider how the Christmas narrative might inform the actions of countries who have the ability to offer protection and welcome to those in need.

Catholic Teacher blog: Time to linger

29 November 2018 | Brendan Nicholls

Take the time to pause for a moment and consider how you might best approach the coming joyous season.

Catholic Teacher blog: Welcome the children

14 November 2018 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

We see cruelty to children as monstrous, but find it tolerated in our society. As International Children's Day is marked this month, let us remember Jesus' command to 'welcome the children'.

Catholic Teacher blog: Movers and makers

30 October 2018 | Nathan Ahearne

If we have the strength to believe that God will be at our side we will be able to conquer every mountain that comes our way.

Musical gives voice to the voiceless

28 October 2018 | Michele Frankeni

Warren WillsAn historical and courageous protest by an Australian Indigenous man against discrimination of a people half a world away resonates today.


Catholic Teacher blog: We, as teachers

10 October 2018 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

World Teachers’ Day has been held on 5 October since 1994 and its aim is to honour the instructors of the world.

Sneaky Jesus song: All I am

30 September 2018 | Brendan Nicholls

A Sneaky Jesus song may not be a religious song, but that doesn't stop it from being spiritual. Jess Glynne's song 'All I Am' is a fitting anthem for those deeply in love. 

Calling young Catholic First Peoples

11 September 2018 | Craig Arthur

Schools and communities are asked to consider accompanying their young Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islander leaders to the 2018 NATSICC Assembly in October.

Catholic Teacher blog: Who is my mate?

11 September 2018 | Nathan Ahearne

A hallmark of many Australian Catholic schools is the emphasis on instilling a faith that does justice.

Benenson Society remembers the White Rose

03 September 2018 | Adrian Agpasa

Around 100 people, including staff and students from 11 Catholic secondary colleges, gathered at Xavier College, Melbourne, last month to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the executions of six members of the White Rose.

Sneaky Jesus song: Watching the Wheels

29 August 2018 | Brendan Nicholls

music symbol - deposit photosA 'Sneaky Jesus song' may not be a religious tune, but that doesn't stop it from being spiritual. John Lennon rejected organised religion, but ironically lived a life that is allegorical of the Bible.

Feast of St Vincent de Paul

29 August 2018 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

st vincent de paul - wikimediaWhile the name 'Vinnies' is instantly recognisable, the saint who the society is named after was not one to seek the limelight. Rather he would have  happy to stay hidden behind the church's service to people who are poor.

Sponsorship needed

22 August 2018 |

Schools and parishes are being asked to consider sponsoring one or more Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people to attend the NATSICC Assembly in Perth in October.

Feeding the worker

21 August 2018 | Nathan Ahearne

Despite some misgivings at the beginning, Nathan Ahearne is a firm believer in the benefits of the Catholic Leaders Formation Network in growing faith and making deep connections with people.

Catholic Teacher blog: Prayer for Creation

14 August 2018 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

dandelionWith the nomination of 1 September as a day of prayer for creation, Pope Francis wanted to enlist Catholics into a universal movement of passionate concern for the environment.

Home in Australia

08 August 2018 | Jesuit Refugee Service

For Ahmed, Noor and their children, this year’s Refugee and Migrant Sunday will be special as they begin a new stage in their life in Australia.

Catholic Teacher blog: Food that will last

30 July 2018 | Nathan Ahearne

eucharist - bread and wineJesus offers us 'food that will last' – food that will continue to nourish and sustain our work in Catholic schools.

Catholic Teacher blog: Digital citizenship – the opportunities

24 July 2018 | Tania James

As responsible digital citizens, how do we ‘do good?’. The second and final part of the Catholic Teacher blog on digital citizenship.

Digital citizenship through a Catholic lens – the challenges

11 July 2018 | Tania James

The most basic definition of digital citizenship is ‘being good’ online, but the term encompasses much more than that. It covers numerous online topics including plagiarism, copyright and authoring issues. Part one of a two-part look into the challenges and opportunities of being online.           


Catholic teacher blog: Ignoring the danger

29 May 2018 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

TigerOur response to the dangers of climate change is one of ignorance and weakness.

Catholic Teacher blog: National Sorry Day

09 May 2018 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

handsThe theme of National Reconciliation Week this year is ‘Don’t keep history a mystery’. 

No help for marginalised

08 May 2018 | Michele Frankeni

The federal government's 2018 May Budget has brought no relief for society's most marginalised. 

Buried, survives three days . . .

01 May 2018 | Nathan Ahearne

Fake news scrabble - must ensure our Catholic identity offers the full and authentic teaching of the Church or risk being dismissed as ‘fake news’.

Mother of the Millennia

23 April 2018 | Nathan Ahearne

Madonna icon - Belorussia monastery - flickr.comWould Mary, the mother of God, be an automatic winner of any of today’s Mother’s Day awards?

The Anzac spirit of service

17 April 2018 | Nathan Ahearne

Soldier in shadow at dawn service-Veterans AffairsThe spirit of Catholic education operates in tandem with the secular ideals inspired by the Anzacs.

The presence of God

19 March 2018 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Easter gives us hope and is the fulfilment of God’s promise to be present in our lives.

A parent's view of Easter

19 March 2018 | Nathan Ahearne

Mary models a discipleship based in the hope of God’s promise.

Win a double pass to Paul, Apostle of Christ

13 March 2018 |

Send us your details and answer a question and Australian Catholics has 10 double passes ($40 per double) to give away to see the movie Paul, Apostle of Christ.

Students engage with sport program for disabled

04 March 2018 | Nathan Ahearne

ENGAGE Sports aims to provide disabled students with an enjoyable experience of sport and interaction with Marist College students.

Respond with your gut

13 February 2018 | Fr Ross Jones SJ

Fr Ross JonesThe Good Samaritan parable has great resonance today, according to St Aloysius’ College Rector, Ross Jones SJ. This is an abridged version of Fr Jones’ beginning-of-year sermon.

From big things, even bigger things may grow

05 February 2018 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

While the decade since the Apology to Australia’s Indigenous has not lived up to the historic event’s promise, hope for a better future continues.

Sneaky Jesus song – Grandmother's song

24 January 2018 | Michele Frankeni

A ‘Sneaky Jesus song’ may not be a religious tune, but that doesn’t stop it from being deeply spiritual. Our latest song features an all-female Aboriginal group from the Northern Territory.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Stamping out online abuse

22 October 2017 | Fr Peter Hosking SJ

Incidents of inappropriate online behaviour by school students continue to be a concern. 
The values of respect, empathy and consent are critical to good relationships online and anywhere else.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Risk & Success

11 October 2017 | Brendan Nicholls

'Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one’s better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his idea, to take a calculated risk, and to act.' – Maxwell Maltz


Catholic Teacher Blog: Social Justice Sunday - September 24

24 September 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

If you want to stay happy and healthy you need to draw on the skills of cooks and dieticians. You also need them to stick to their own skills. Ask a dietician for a happy recipe and you may eat miserably. Ask a pastry cook to care for your diet and you may become a cardiac disaster.

Sneaky Jesus Song: You found me

13 September 2017 | Brendan Nicholls

A ‘Sneaky Jesus song’ may not be a religious tune, but when you listen to the lyrics it could be mistaken for one.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Suicide Prevention Day - September 10

09 September 2017 | Andrew Hamilton SJ

Suicide affects all groups in society. Teachers, doctors, miners, church ministers, and police have all grieved for colleagues who have taken their own lives, and have friends who have survived the suicide of family members. They can put faces to suicide.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Child protection, compliance and conversion

06 September 2017 | John Honner

Jesus is reported as saying 'unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven'. Did he mean what he said or was he being idealistic? Do his words mean anything for today? I think they do, especially for Christian ministries in the light of the work of the Royal Commission and its likely recommendations for ensuring the safety of children.

Young Catholics get a voice

23 August 2017 | Staff

Australian Catholics magazine, in conjunction with Australian Catholic University, is proud to announce the winners of this year’s Young Journalist Award.

Catholic Teacher: Praying the scriptures with Mary MacKillop

09 August 2017 | Staff

These daily scripture reflections (originally for the first eight days of August), look at the life of Australia’s first saint through the lens of the daily Gospel stories. As you contemplate the daily Gospel reading, reflect on Mary’s story, and consider how your own faith journey can be enriched by her example.

Catholic Teacher Blog: World Humanitarian Day - August 19

09 August 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

World Humanitarian Day was instituted to remember people who have served in humanitarian missions and especially those who have lost their lives in the course of their service. It is an opportunity to call to mind the people who have gone before us, and especially to honour our martyrs. These include Christians who were killed because of their faith or because they recognised how precious each human being is regardless of race or religion, and dedicated their lives to serve them when they were under threat. They both inspire us and keep us honest.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Indigenous Peoples of World Day - August 9

02 August 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

United Nations Days are like Saints Days in the Catholic Calendars. They are reminders of the wider world beyond our own homes, cities and nations, often reminders of the violence inflicted on good people, and are also occasions for thanksgiving and celebration.

Catholic teacher blog: A plebiscite of one’s own

26 July 2017 | Alice Priest

The question of marriage and its meaning is presently astir in the public domain, writes Alice Priest. But my own interest has sprung, not from the public debate, but largely from the private chambers of my own heart.

Sneaky Jesus Song: 'Wiyathul' by Dr G Yunupingu

26 July 2017 | Brendan Nicholls

This charming song was released in 2008 and is sung in Dr Yunupingu’s native Yolngu Matha language. It peaked at #3 on the ARIA charts. The album it was released on went Platinum three times and has now sold more than half a million copies. It won the ARIA Best World Music Album and the Deadly Awards in all categories. He also released a beautiful ‘Gospel’ album in 2015.

Catholic Teacher Blog: St Ignatius of Loyola Feast Day

20 July 2017 | Brendan Nicholls

On Monday 31 July our school will celebrate the feast day of St Ignatius of Loyola. One thing that always stands out to me is the musical offerings of our students. There is something about music that touches us deep within and sparks within an emotional response.

RE-cycled: Students National Week of Prayer and Action

06 July 2017 |

Victoria Catholic school students participate in Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum’s National Week of Prayer & Action.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Sneaky Jesus Song - 'If I can dream' by Elvis Presley

21 June 2017 | Brendan Nicholls

A ‘Sneaky Jesus song’ may not be a religious tune, but when you listen to the lyrics it could be mistaken for one.

World Refugee Day: Appealing to our generosity

07 June 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

World Refugee Day is a time to look outside our own world and to notice people whom persecution and war force to leave their nations. It invites us to consider our own good fortune as we see the misery of people who wander at the mercy of others in their struggle for survival. It appeals to our generosity.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Care for the environment

30 May 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

This World Environment Day, Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ reflects on why we need to unite to protect the environment - now more than ever. 

Catholic Teacher Blog: Refugee voice of hope and resilience

24 May 2017 | Danielle Sherry

The greatest thing in the world for social justice advocate and former refugee Isaiah Lahai is not prosperity. It is legacy.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Sneaky Jesus Song - Eurovision 2017

17 May 2017 | Brendan Nicholls

'Amar Pelos Dois' was performed at Eurovision 2017 and to much surprise won the competition for Portugal; their first ever win! The song was written by Salvador’s sister Luisa who is one of Portugal’s contemporary and greatly acclaimed ‘new generation’ of artists/composers. Salvador offers his all in his performances and when asked about his style he stated, “I sing with all of my heart”. This is certainly apparent when listening to ‘Love for Both’. The critics however did not rate this number and Salvador and Portugal were shock winners in most circles.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Twinning Faith and Reason

10 May 2017 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ

Recently, I was invited to speak to our keenest Year 9 Science classes on the topic of ‘Evolution, the Big Bang and Catholicism’. And they were not backward in popping the penetrating questions! It always interests me that the boys at first can think it strange that someone could have a background in science, yet still be a priest. 

Catholic Teacher Blog - The Forever Key

03 May 2017 | Tony Richards

Tony has worked in education for 20 years; Tony’s involvement in education has focused around ICT and its application in the classroom. Tony provides ‘online smart’ sessions to schools, teachers, parents and students across Australia. 

RE-cycled: Prayer Time in Foundation

30 April 2017 |

Every morning in the Foundation classroom, parents, carers, children and their siblings gather together to pray together.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Sneaky Jesus Song - 'Ghetto Gospel' by Tupac Shakur

26 April 2017 | Brendan Nicholls

A ‘Sneaky Jesus song’ may not be a religious tune, but when you listen to the lyrics it could be mistaken for one.

Catholic Teacher Blog: Overflowing

11 April 2017 | Brendon Nicholls

At the start of Autumn, we received our long-awaited rains. As has happened in other parts of Australia over recent weeks, the rain was too much of a good thing. 

Catholic Teacher Blog: Headmaster of St Patrick College, Ballarat at the Royal Commission

22 March 2017 |

The following is the Royal Commission hearings transcript from John Crowley, the headmaster at St Patrick's in Ballarat, which had on its faculty some of Australia's most notorious paedophile priests. Today, Headmaster John Crowley focuses on acknowledging the past, supporting abuse victims and survivors and making sure it never happens again.

Catholic Teacher blog: International Women's Day

07 March 2017 |

On 8 March 2017, people all over the world will celebrate International Women’s Day. We want to hear from our female readers about their experience of being a Catholic woman. What does it mean to be a Catholic woman today? 

Catholic Teacher blog: A wise education

26 February 2017 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ

Fr Ross Jones, SJ contemplates an education that reaches beyond the goal of ingesting information for knowledge sake. 

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