The editor 1 February 2015

Do you have an idea for a story or article? Find out how to contribute to Australian Catholics.

Australian Catholics aims to appeal particularly to young people (secondary students) and the families of primary and secondary students.

Information for young writers (aged 15 to 25)

Writing for Australian Catholics

Australian Catholics is interested in stories about about faith in Catholic communities and about initiatives that foster an awareness of social justice in schools and communities. In short, we are looking at 'good news' stories.

The language of articles should be straightforward and engaging. The style should be inclusive.

Please submit articles rather than reports or essays. The use of dot-points should be reserved for text-box material only.

Please avoid any fancy formatting. Single or double spaced in Times 12 point is preferred.

We do not usually print abstract theological articles or stories about church politics.

Please keep to agreed word limits. A 1,000 word piece, for example, will generally run to two pages. Articles beyond 1,000 words will only occasionally be considered.

You can submit an article using this form. 


Writers' rates are by negotiation and will be agreed at the time of commissioning.

Please supply our office with details of your ABN, if available.

Any costs you wish to claim in relation to articles should be cleared with the Editor prior to incursion.


Please send your invoice to us within three months of the date of publication of your article. If we do not receive an invoice within three months of publication, we will treat your article as a gift/donation.

If you have an ABN:
Submit a Tax Invoice, clearly stating your ABN and bank details. If you are registered for GST, clearly state amount of GST included in the price.

If you do not have an ABN:
Check to see if you are eligible to complete a ‘Statement by a Supplier Form’ on the Australian Taxation website or click here.

If you are eligible to complete a Statement by a Supplier Form, the form must be submitted with your invoice (unless we have a valid form on file). Please check with the Editor if you are unsure.

You can download a copy of the form from the Australian Taxation Office website or click here. 

If you are do not have an ABN and are not eligible to complete a ‘Statement by a Supplier Form’ we are required to withhold tax at the rate specified by the Australian Taxation Office.


Please ensure images are 300 dpi, and a reasonable size for print publication. Our page size is 205mm wide x 260mm. (eg A half page pic should be 102.5mm x 130mm at 300dpi). This generally means a .jpg should be more than 1Mb in size for a small pic. Please send .jpg files to email better.

When photographing subjects/events, please submit several views for designers to select which will work best in print.


Articles and photographs and images which appear in Australian Catholics are reproduced on our website and are made available to schools and other educational institutions for reproduction and use in the classroom, formation activities and school newsletters. Further payment will not be made for such use. Please advise at the time of submission if you are unhappy with this arrangement.

Copyright for republishing articles and images in other publications will revert to the author following publication. 


You can submit an article using this form. 

For more information email [email protected].


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