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1 June 2021

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"I wish to thank you for the outstanding publications produced by Australian Catholics for Winter and Summer of this year. Both of these editions have been particularly helpful. The recent publication on Love & Relationships is exceptional, bringing the beauty of Catholic teaching to the lives of readers. Thank you for the work that you continue to do for our teachers and young people. Congratulations once again on your superb publications!" Martin Tobin, Director: Catholic Identity and Evangelisation, Tasmanian Catholic Education Office

"I believe you have an argument for your site being the authoritative resource for all RE subjects in Australian schools. Otherwise students and staff just internet-search their topics and end up with some very questionable opinions and perspectives claiming to be ‘Catholic." Liz Skinner, St Patrick's College Shorncliffe

"Australian Catholics is always an excellent publication, and something I look forward to reading four times a year.  The Autumn 2021 edition is particularly engaging with some excellent features and articles." Michael Jones, Head of Faith & Service, Xavier College Kew

"There are some great resources here! God’s first IX is very amusing." Anne Maloney, St Johns School, Toowoomba



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