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1 February 2024

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“Australian Catholics magazine is an excellent way for families in schools to stay in touch with relevant and contemporary issues concerning their faith. It is a well written magazine that provides excellent spiritual formation for the whole family.” Br Paul Conn, (previously) Principal, Christian Brothers High School 


  • Education Hub membership for all of your staff
  • Access to resources for all of your students and parents
  • A flexible number of print copies
  • Regular emails to staff highlighting new and relevant content to assist you in getting the most out of your subscription
  • Acccess to exclusive webinars such as our Q&A Sessions (accredited in some Dioceses) and other events
  • Discounted rate for Finding God's Traces
  • Inclusion in the School Open Day Calendar
  • ALSO AVAILABLE: access by IP address range, Single Sign On (for Dioceses)



Membership allows access to:

Teachers can set the students to reading articles from Australian Catholics magazine in class and draw on them in their own RE lesson planning, and be confident that all of our articles have been reviewed and signed off by a diocesan censor, and so are in line with Catholic teaching.


For more ideas on how an AC+ subscription can benefit your school community, check out these PDFs:

A flexible number of print copies are included in an AC+ subscription, so you can choose to receive enough for your lower year levels, staff, a class set, or even none at all.

If your school is already getting copies of the magazine for at least half of your students, you will automatically qualify for an AC+ subscription.

If you are in the Diocese of Armidale, Lismore, Rockhampton, Ballarat (Primary only) or Sandhurst you will have AC+ access as part of the Diocesan subscription. 

If you already qualify, just go to our sign-up page to create a login.

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The annual cost for school access to AC+ is based on a subscription for half of your total enrolment (capped at 1200) @ $5.40. For example: If your school has 800 students... AC+ = 400 x $5.40 = $2160
This provides a licence to use our content and resources for teaching and formation purposes and gives full acces to all of your staff, students and even parents! As well as any number from 0 to 400 print copies.

If you don't automatically qualify for an AC+ subscription at your current subscription rate, are not a current subscriber, or have any other queries please contact us on 1300 72 88 46 or email us at [email protected]


"Australian Catholics is a way of introducing topical issues in a non-threatening, non-judgemental way. The Rockhampton Catholic Education Office has provided it for the schools in our Diocese because we believe that it provides schools with stories that are both contemporary and thought provoking. We believe students will be exposed to religious issues in a way that stimulates and challenges them. We recommend Australian Catholics to all our schools as a way of ensuring that topics in religion and contemporary society are considered and discussed. We believe it provides a great stimulus for schools to consider social justice issues." Leesa Jeffcoat, Director Catholic Education, Diocese of Rockhampton


Australian Catholics magazine is published four times a year and distributes over 100,000 copies to families across the country. Discount rates are available for bulk subscriptions of 100+ copies, however smaller subscriptions are available at very reasonable rates.

Individual print subscriptions: $32 per year (+$10 per year for each additional copy up to 19 copies) This rate is inclusive of GST and delivery within Australia.
Bulk subscriptions (20+ on the same order) rate is $5.40 per copy pear year, exclusive of GST. 
Bulk print subscriptions (100+ copies) includes delivery within Australia.
Bulk print subscriptions (20-84 copies) incur an additional delivery charge.
Bulk print subscriptions (84-99 copies) are grossed-up to the minimum large bulk subscription price (ie $540) - and include delivery within Australia.*


International subscriptions incur an additional delivery fee
For international orders, digital subscriptions, or any other enquiries, please phone +613 9421 9666 or email [email protected].

* This is more cost effective than adding delivery charges to a mid-sized order.

To view the Australian Catholics Terms and conditions click here


"Australian Catholics provides a variety of contemporary stories which are very relevant to students, families and staff. It engages students in contributing to articles and the topics are insightful and accessible for all faith levels.  The Sandhurst Catholic Education Office has provided it for the schools in our Diocese because we believe that it is a significant contributor to the invitation to faith for families and staff. We recommend Australian Catholics to all schools as a means of building the dialogue between faith and life within the school, parish and broader community."Ms Philomena Billington, (previously) Director, Catholic Education, Diocese of Sandhurst

'The Reflections and Notes for Australian Catholics magazine was excellent. We used them for our Year 12 Ethics: Relationships Unit.' Ryan McBride, REC, Killester College, Springvale

'I loved the content of the last issue of Australian Catholics, "Sharing the Joy". It was fresh, unique and a lot of fun to read. I'm looking forward to the next issue and what they've got up their sleeves!' Michaela Hillam, Ignite Conference


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