About Us

9 March 2021

Australian Catholics helps bring faith to life in schools across the country, with a deep archive of articles and resources to deepen and extend RE and faith formation activities.

For 25 years, Australian Catholics has been helping bring faith to life in Catholic schools and parish communities. Our print publication and online resources explore Catholicism in today’s world, helping schools deepen and extend their faith formation activities.

Our premium AC+ subscription provides access to our Education Hub for your whole school community. The subscription gives you a licence to use our extensive archive of articles and resources in religious education and faith formation activities at your school.

Our print magazine is published four times a year and distributed to around 100,000 families across the country.

Capture the imagination of students

Our focus in the magazine is on meeting students where they're at in their faith journey, and giving them freedom to explore issues ask questions related to faith and justice.

Many of the articles in each edition are contributed by our young writers community, while our Spring edition each year is planned and written by a team of guest editors from Catholic schools across the country.  

Support teachers with relevant resources

Each edition of Australian Catholics is based around a theme that can be linked to topics covered in the RE curriculum, with articles that can be used to inspire discussion and reflection in the classroom. Many of our articles come with separate reflection guides and activities to extend their use in the classroom. 

Our Education Hub has more than 1000 articles and reflections available for use in RE and faith formation activities. 

Nuture faith in the home

Australian Catholics seeks to bring a sense of our global Catholic mission into the homes of Australian families. You can send print magazines home to families, plus our AC+ license gives your school license to use articles from our website in your e-newsletters. 

Our goal is to give families a sense that they not only belong to a school or parish community, but to a community that extends across the globe and through the centuries.


If you order copies for at least half of the students enrolled at your school, you will automatically qualify for an AC+ subscription, giving anyone in your school access to our Catholic Teacher Hub via a simple e-mail sign up.

Send copies home to each family, and/or provide copies for teachers and students to use in the classroom, while giving teachers access to our wealth of online resources.

Find out more and subscribe your school

Call us on 1300 72 88 46 to speak to us about how Australian Catholics magazine can best work for you.