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The editor  |  01 February 2015

Bringing faith to life

For 25 years, Australian Catholics has been helping bring faith to life in Catholic schools and parish communities. Our print publication and online resources explore Catholicism in today’s world, helping schools deepen and extend their faith formation activities.

Our magazine is published four times a year and distributed to more than 120,000 families across the country. Our premium AC+ subscription offers access to our extensive archive of articles and resources for use in religious education and faith formation activities at your school. We also have two weekly online newsletters, Catholic Teacher which feature resources for the classroom, and Parish Life, which features Sunday liturgy resources.  

Our editorial team


Capturing the imagination of students

Australian Catholics magazine challenges young people to think about what it means to be Catholic. It shares inspiring stories of contemporary Australians who find guidance and strength in their relationship with God, and draws links between what Jesus speaks about in the Gospels and what we read, watch and listen to in our the media today.

The magazine seeks to respond to the issues students might have with the Catholic faith. Do they find art in churches boring? Read an edition exploring how different forms of artwork can express faith. Do they think religion isn’t relevant to them? Show how the themes the Church has been talking about for centuries can be found in TV shows such as The Simpsons.  


Supporting teachers with relevant resources

Each edition of Australian Catholics is based around a theme that can be linked to topics covered in the RE curriculum, with articles that can be used to inspire discussion and reflection in the classroom. Editions come with separate reflection guides and activities to extend their use in the classroom. This website features a searchable archive of our past articles and classroom resources, organised according to topic. This archive is available to all schools that have an AC+ subscription to the magazine.

Australian Catholics seeks to make learning about faith exciting and engaging for students. In recent editions, we’ve explored the stories of some of the Church’s saints by naming ‘God’s First XI’ cricket team; we’ve outlined Catholic teaching on morality in an article titled ‘Harry Potter and the Seven Heavenly Virtues’; and created a ‘Do you have the X factor?’ quiz to introduce young people to the idea of a religious vocation.


Cultivating faith in the home

Few Catholic publications connect as closely with the daily experiences of families as Australian Catholics magazine. Our articles focus on contemporary issues facing our society, and constantly seek to discern the most Christ-like way to respond to those issues. We encourage families to look at the human stories behind social justice issues such as asylum seekers, Indigenous affairs and homelessness.

The magazine seeks to bring a sense of our global Catholic mission into the homes of Australian families. We provide updates from Rome and from the Catholic bishops, and share stories of Australians on mission overseas. Our goal is to give families a sense that they not only belong to a school or parish community, but to a community that extends across the globe and through the centuries.



Making the most out of your subscription



Purchase a bulk subscription to Australian Catholics, and ensure your community benefits from our print publication, and our weekly e-newsletter, which features reflection questions, activities and links related to the articles in the edition. If you order copies for at least half of the students enrolled at your school, you will automatically qualify for an AC+ subscription, giving anyone in your school access to our online archive via a simple e-mail sign up. Send copies home to each family, and/or provide copies for teachers and students to use in the classroom, while giving teachers access to our wealth of online articles.

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