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The party life of Jesus

24 August 2020

Jesus’ life was spent doing the things he thought were important – celebrating and spending time with people he cared about. That’s not a bad way to live.

In our culture, partying is a bit of a bad word. It’s associated with ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ – often to excess. If someone lives a ‘party lifestyle’ we know they’re on track

for a fall. Somehow all the excess is going to catch up to them, and for many the consequences can be life-destroying.

But what is a ‘party’, exactly? Why do people ‘party’ in the first place? Is it really about getting wasted or hooking up or any of those things we tend to associate with the party life? Or is partying more essentially about celebration – finding joy in a time and place and community?

Viewed in that deeper sense, the life of Jesus was fully of partying. His first miracle? Delivered at a party in Cana. His healings and sermons? Delivered at parties in towns and in the homes of friends, so much so that people called him a ‘glutton and drunkard’. At his biggest party of all, Jesus puts on a feast for 5000 people. Then there’s the final special moment he shared with his disciples before his death – the Last Supper.

Indeed, many of the times in the Gospels when Jesus gets angry are times when people are trying to disrupt parties. When a Pharisee notices Jesus isn’t paying attention to Jewish customs at a party, Jesus goes into a screed against Pharisees. When Martha is unhappy that her sister Mary is spending too much time with Jesus and not looking after guests, Jesus rebukes Martha for not joining the party. What’s important for Jesus is celebrating the moment – the people and relationships.

If Jesus’ whole existence here on earth, from his birth to his death and resurrection, was a celebration of God’s love for us, then what else was it other than one long, blessed party?

So perhaps consider that the next time you have a few moments to spend in prayer. Consider how you might spend your time with Jesus celebrating the life that you’ve been given here on earth, the relationships that you’ve received, and the joyful reality of just being a living human being.

Have a party with Jesus.



  • Also known as ‘the festival of lights’, what is the famous Hindu festival celebrated over five days some time between mid-October and mid-November each year?
  • Easter was celebrated on which date this year?
  • True or false: Greek Orthodox people celebrate Easter on the same day as Roman Catholics?
  • What is the name of the nightly meal that breaks the fast during Ramadan?
  • What’s the name of the Jewish feast that marks the Exodus of the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt?

With help from Alissa-Rose Probyn.


Answers: 1. Diwali. 2. 12 April. 3. False – although on rare occasions the dates coincide. 4. Iftar. 5. Passover.



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