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Everyone's Mum

By Fr Ross Jones SJ 18 May 2023

A warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers, the following contains references to a person now deceased.In these days of reflection concerning the coming referendum on “The Voice”, my thoughts turn to another mum. When I attend regular Board Meetings at Redfern Jarjum College, I pass a very formidable statue of ‘Mum’ Shirl, so much a local hero there.


Loving and including your neighbour - questions and activities

23 February 2023 EH

These classroom activities focus on themes of diversity, being kind, helping others and valuing difference against a background of encouraging inclusive behaviour at school and in future endeavours. 


How can schools help students explore and discover their charism?

10 November 2022

In this recording, a trio of experts explore how schools can help students explore and discover their charism – the gifts that God has given them, and how those gifts might be used in the world.


Catholic Teacher news round-up – Thursday 3 November

3 November 2022

Check out this round-up of news, events, and items of interest relevant to Catholic Teachers across Australia.


The Role of the Pope in the Catholic Church – questions and activities

Laura Kings 2 November 2022 EH

What is a Pope? Who is the Pope at the moment? What does a Pope do? Is he really that important? Explore these questions and more with the following questions and activities. 


Effective behaviour management is a way teachers can keep children safe 

Laura Kings 12 September 2022 EH

Whether you are new to teaching or you've been around forever, it's always good to consider how you can master, improve or update your behaviour management techniques. 


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