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Voice for First Nations peoples

16 Mar 2021 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Today (18 March) is National Close the Gap Day. It records the gap between promises and actions, between aspiration and outcome.

Emphasis on the environment

09 Mar 2021 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

In the number of special days that focus on the environment this month, perhaps one of the most intriguing is the observance of Earth Hour.

Lessons in female leadership

02 Mar 2021 | Lissa Gyte

Learning environments need to be shaped in such a way that they promote the belief females have leadership capacity.

Caritas Australia Lent resources

16 Feb 2021

Caritas Australia has created free and comprehensive teaching and liturgical resources to help teachers incorporate social justice in their Lent program.

Value of poetry

09 Feb 2021 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Good poems catch the human depth of all our encounters: with ourselves, with the people we love, the world around us, with politics, science and all else.

Time to think big

09 Feb 2021 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The World Day of Social Justice encourages us to think big – that is, to take a larger perspective of Australia's contribution to solving or exacerbating worldwide problems. 

Back at school

02 Feb 2021 | Julian Butler

A familiar school, a new year, a different perspective. The joyful expectation of returning as a teacher to a school where you were once a student.

Catholic Teacher: Faith formation resources for Term One 2021

02 Feb 2021 | Michael McVeigh


The coronavirus has reset the world with the 'time before' and the 'time after' . . . But it is the 'time between' that can offer the most growth, and something we as Catholics know well – the time between the despair of Good Friday and the joy of the Resurrection. Mostly, taken from Australian Catholics’ Autumn 2021 edition, Catholic Teacher articles examine various 'times of waiting'.


Make your voice heard

01 Dec 2020 | Staff

Next year sees the launch of the Australian Catholics’ Young Voices Award, which offers students a chance to advocate on different topics and projects.

Waiting for God

24 Nov 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

In Latin, an advent is an arrival; in the Church year it is a time of waiting. In the early Church it was both.











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