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Scripture reflections and commentaries

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Scripture reflections: 'Rejoice and be glad'

01 Apr 2020

Scripture reflections for Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020.

Homily notes: Holy Week

01 Apr 2020 | Fr Brendan Byrne SJ

Homily notes for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil Mass.

Homily notes: Passion (Palm) Sunday Year A, 5 April

25 Mar 2020 | Fr Brendan Byrne SJ

Matthew wants to bring out in his Gospel is the truth that, though Jesus is entering David’s city as its Messianic king and is rightly acclaimed as such by his disciples, he is not doing so in the way of worldly rulers.

Scripture reflection: O Lord, do not leave me alone!

25 Mar 2020

Even as we walk in sorrow with Jesus this Holy Week, we look forward to Easter joy in the Resurrection. Palm Sunday of the Passion of our Lord Year A, 5 April 2020

Scripture reflection: With the Lord there is Mercy and Redemption

18 Mar 2020

As we contemplate this week’s readings, may we draw closer to our Lord and accompany him as he sets his face towards Jerusalem. Fifth Sunday in Lent Year A, 29 March 2020

Homily notes: Fifth Sunday of Lent Year A, 29 March

18 Mar 2020 | Fr Brendan Byrne SJ

The readings from the Fourth Gospel come to a climax with the account of Jesus’ raising of his friend Lazarus from the dead.

Homily notes: Fourth Sunday of Lent Year A, 22 March 2020

11 Mar 2020 | Fr Brendan Byrne SJ

The Gospel reading of Jesus’ cure of the Man Born Blind (John 9:1-41) is, of course, the story of a journey from darkness into light.

Scripture reflection: ‘Wake up from your sleep and Christ will shine on you!’

11 Mar 2020

Each year, Laetare (‘Rejoice’) Sunday gives encouragement to all those travelling the Lenten road to Holy Week and Easter. Fourth Sunday in Lent Year A, 22 March 2020

Scripture reflection: ‘Listen to his voice!’

04 Mar 2020

In Lent we are all invited to meet Jesus in a personal way. Jesus understands all that we truly need. Third Sunday in Lent Year A, 15 March 2020

Homily notes: Third Sunday of Lent Year A, 15 March

04 Mar 2020 | Fr Brendan Byrne SJ

The drama of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well shows how one person’s conversion in conversation with Jesus foreshadows and indeed leads to a world-wide outreach of salvation.

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