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St Mary Magdalene, The Apostle to the Apostles

23 Jun 2020

The feast day of St Mary Magdalene is celebrated on 22 July. The following is a prayer rite to be used for the feast day.

Bible reflection: Say ‘yes’ if you mean yes, ‘no’ if you mean no

10 Jun 2020 | Michele Frankeni

The importance of keeping your word.

Bible reflection: ‘This poor widow has put in more than all’

03 Jun 2020

In this week’s Bible reflection we consider the nature of generosity.

Prayer rite: The invitation of May Day

30 Apr 2020 | James O'Brien

Hymns, readings, reflection and prayers of petition for 1 May.

Prayer rite: Easter – Seeking life in his name

31 Mar 2020 | James O'Brien

Hymns, readings, reflection and prayers of petition for Easter.

Bible reflection: ‘Has no one condemned you?’

25 Mar 2020

In this week’s Bible Reflection we consider the passage from John’s Gospel (8:1-11) about the woman brought before Jesus charged with adultery and contrast his leadership style with that of the scribes and Pharisees.

Bible reflection: The healing at the pool of Bethseda

18 Mar 2020 | Staff

In this week's Bible Reflection we consider the healing of the man at the pool of Bethseda in John's Gospel (John 5:1-3, 5-16).

An ocean of meaning

17 Mar 2020 | Michael McGirr

The story of Jonah is full of humour but it also asks us to turn
away from our own interests and let God set the tone of our lives.

Bible reflection: I have not come to abolish the Law

10 Mar 2020 | Michele Frankeni

A weekday reading on the importance of leading by example.

Bible reflection: Practise what you preach

04 Mar 2020

Bible reflection for the article 'Becoming an influencer' in the Australian Catholics' autumn 2020 edition.











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