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From attitude to gratitude

19 Aug 2015 | Roxanne Moussalem

I want so much/To look in the mirror and say I’m beautiful/And be shown love.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Winner: Flying High

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19 Aug 2015 | Sophie Holland

The plane rattled along, coming to a stop facing into the wind while they completed run down checks. They taxied over to the parking area and shut down the plane. Out jumped Mark, the flying instructor and behind him, came my best friend, Jade Esler.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Runner-up: Reaching for Mars

19 Aug 2015 | Josie Rees

All around our world, exciting new opportunities open up every day. Dianne McGrath, a 45-year-old woman from Australia, is a finalist for the biggest opportunity yet. The MarsOne Mission is sending 24 people from around the world on a one-way ticket to live on Mars.

Young Journalist Award Junior Winner: Still Pirouetting After Sixty Years

19 Aug 2015 | Alice Hurren

Ballet shoes are slipped on and buns are neatly pinned. Ribbons are carefully tied up and some ballet students are stretching. Then it is time for class and students rush to their room. A flood of excitement runs through me as I join the class. For the next hour my body will stretch and glide gracefully across the room with the guidance of Ms Jones, my ballet teacher for the past eight years and the most inspiring person in my community.

Young Journalist Award Junior Runner-up: Just the priest

19 Aug 2015 | Emily Parry

Can you imagine leaving your home country in a small boat with 79 other people? This is the story of Father Tuong, St John Wood’s Parish Priest — a refugee seeking a better life.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Honourable Mention: The Power of English

19 Aug 2015 | Abby Simos

In today’s world, social media dominates communication amongst teenagers. It’s the spending of time on social media that potentially can have a detrimental affect on the importance and relevance of English. There is concern that the learning of English is losing its importance.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Honourable Mention: Red

19 Aug 2015 | Ricky Xerri

Red’s story starts when he moves to Australia at the age of 7. When he moved he feared he wouldn't fit in because everything was so different; the culture, the people and the way every day things were done.

Young Journalist Award Junior Honourable Mention: The Woman behind the Community

19 Aug 2015 | Anne Nguyen

I sat there, crying, drenching my shirt in tears but as I walk out of the toilet; it started again. ‘Loser!’ ‘Weirdo!’ ‘Nerd!’ The whole class was laughing. This is Rosette Chidiac, a former victim of bullying. Now a youth minister at Holy Trinity Parish, her life turned around as soon as she stood up for herself and chose to be God’s hands and feet to the local youth community.

Young Journalist Award Junior Honourable Mention: Your Wave is Waiting

19 Aug 2015 | Tahlia Henderson

Home is where the heart is and for most people, they would say their house, but for me, it’s the ocean.

Beginner's guide to fair trade

26 May 2015 | William Warren

Can your spending choices really have a positive impact on people around the world? They can if the products you’re purchasing are fair trade products. Here are five more things you might not know about fair trade. 











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