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Young Journalist Award Intermediate Winner: Working in the Mercy spirit

06 Aug 2009 | Grace Sheahan

From a very early age, Marion Guthrie felt inspired by the work of missionary Mercy Sisters overseas. It was during her time at St Columbus Primary School in Ballarat that Marion first became intrigued by missionaries, after seeing photographs of sisters overseas holding malnourished African babies.

Young Journalist Award Junior Winner: The life of a very special nun

06 Aug 2009 | Antonia Langenegger Genazzano

Not everyone understands how special it is to be a nun and fewer understand the work they do.

In depth: Healthy relationships

06 Aug 2009

In depth resource for 'Sharing the best of ourselves' from the Spring 2009 edition

Heart to heart

06 Aug 2009 | Dan McAloon

Heart to heartSr Megan Donohue has found that one of the best relationship models she can recommend to students is the love between Mary and Jesus.

Shepherding kids

06 Aug 2009 | Catherine Marshall

Shepherding kidsThe School of St Jude in Tanzania is helping provide children with a better future.

Underdog’s nun

06 Aug 2009 | Tim Kroenert

Underdog's nunA new film highlights her outreach to asylum seekers, but Sr Carmel Wauchope has always had a place in her heart for the underdogs.

Woman of the hour

29 Apr 2009 | Sr Christine Burke IBVM

Woman of the hourFour hundred years after her stand for women in the Church, Mary Ward's story still resonates.

Class discussion: The Church in the media

04 Jan 2009

Class discussion for the article 'Giving real answers' from Summer 2009 edition

Giving real answers

04 Jan 2009 | Catherine Marshall

Giving real answersCatherine Smibert says people are still asking questions about faith. The Church just has to find new ways to provide the answers.

Living traditions

04 Jan 2009 | Michele Gierck

Living traditionsBetty Pike has chosen to share the wisdom she's gained in her life in a unique way.











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