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Parish Life blog: Back to following The Way

13 Mar 2017 | Fr Eric Hodgens

Before they were known as Christians they were Followers of The Way. Now, after fifteen centuries, the Church is trying to return to walking that way again. 

Reflection questions & activities for 'Hallelujah is our song'

08 Mar 2017 | Geraldine Martin

Reflection questions and activities for 'Hallelujah is our song' in the Autumn 2017 edition


Prayer blog: From Cape to Cake

01 Mar 2017 | Paul White

A reflection on the Aussie Camino in honour of St Mary MacKillop

Catholic Teacher blog: A wise education

26 Feb 2017 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ

Fr Ross Jones, SJ contemplates an education that reaches beyond the goal of ingesting information for knowledge sake. 

Liturgy: Ash Wednesday

15 Feb 2017 | Geraldine Martin

In this liturgy, parishes and schools will prepare their hearts and minds for the Lenten season. 

Reflection questions & activities for 'Music in God’s image'

08 Feb 2017 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for 'Music in God’s image' in the Autumn 2017 edition

Quiz: Catholic family fun

01 Feb 2017

Try our Catholic family fun quiz!

Many voices one song

01 Feb 2017 | Brendon D’Souza

Nine choirs share the space at Good Shepherd Parish in Sydney. Each brings its own unique voice to the celebration of the Mass.

Easter Reflection: Look for beating angel wings

01 Feb 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Angels today are usually seen as cuddly. They belong on wedding cakes, Christmas cards and play harps on clouds. At Jesus’ time they were serious. They were God’s messengers, bringing destruction to empires and striking fear in people. 

Music in God’s image

01 Feb 2017 | Rosie Hoban

Fiona Dyball loves to hear the 1400 boys at Marcellin College belt out the school’s song, Sub Tuum, the oldest known song to Mary, with enthusiasm and camaraderie. The image of a school full of adolescent boys lifting the roof singing a song about Mary is a little counter-cultural. But Fiona says the students ‘get it’ and that’s what matters. Without faith and prayer life, none of the trimmings matter.

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61-70 out of 200 results.











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