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Ask Papa Frank

26 Jul 2014 | Emma Quinn

Sometimes we need a little encouragement to do the right thing. A worried parent, a student bystander and a concerned daughter ask 'Papa Frank' for help navigating some of life's challenges.

The #unfiltered me

26 Jul 2014 | Madeline Kelly

A teenage girl lives two different lives - but which is the real one?

Playlist: The bravery edition

26 Jul 2014 | Madeleine Kuyken

Here are some movies, books and songs to help give you that extra bit of courage.

Reflection questions & activities: 'Respect'

04 Jun 2014 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions & activities for the article, 'Respect', from the Winter 2014 edition


28 May 2014 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Respect is an important but sometimes puzzling concept. Like a form of currency, we feel entitled to it for ourselves and others, but can earn or lose it by our actions. Yet even the most morally bankrupt of us have an innate dignity as human beings that can never be lost. Respect, then, is a starting point for all our relationships.

Creative Reflection: Seven minutes

22 May 2014 | Sha Lin Koh

'Seven Minutes' is a creative reflection offering a ringside-seat into playground bullying and how bystanders allow it to happen.

The playlist

08 Jan 2014 | Helena Cassin and Rebecca Gauci

Young journalists Helena Cassin and Rebecca Gauci look at whether we can find God in some popular Hollywood movies.

Activities: The Good Samaritan

25 Dec 2013

Activity on good samaritans from the Christmas 2013 edition

Resources by curriculum topic

30 Nov 2013 | Staff


How to love your neighbour who is a roaring idiot or even worse

08 Oct 2013 | Brian Doyle

Aw, it's easy to love Mister B, as he's the guy who cheerfully lends his tools to everyone on the street, and gives away hatfuls of fresh redolent tomatoes.

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51-60 out of 79 results.











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