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The gift of good health

02 Apr 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

As the world copes with the COVID-19 pandemic, World Health Day on 7 April takes on a new meaning.

Parish life blog: Remembering lost causes

24 Mar 2020 | Andrew Hamilton SJ

Palm Sunday, held on 5 April this year, is an appropriate day to identify the way in which our society works and deals with people whom it sees as threats.

Catholics and coronavirus

15 Mar 2020 | Staff

The Coronavirius will have an enormous effect on the Australian community over coming weeks. We’ve put together this guide to help Catholic communities ensure they are doing all they can to minimise the impact of the virus, and support people who are affected.

Parish Life blog: World Water Day

11 Mar 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

World Water Day is commemorated on 22 March.

Parish Life blog: March toward the elimination of racial discrimination

04 Mar 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

During March we are encouraged to reflect on discrimination against different groups in society and to disown it.

Parish Life blog: Praying for the Church in China

01 Mar 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Pope Francis' intention for March: 'We pray that the Church in China may persevere in its faithfulness to the Gospel and grow in unity'.

Parish Life blog: The importance of ritual

23 Feb 2020 | Fr Chris Middleton SJ

In the ritual of using the mark of the cross in ashes, we express our faith by standing together, in our human solidarity, acknowledging the truth that our mortality is real and is shared.

Lessons for Australia from Amazon Synod

16 Feb 2020 | Michael McVeigh

The Pope’s focus on everyday lives of indigenous Amazon peoples in apostolic exhortation Querida Amazonia offers the Australian Catholic Church a template for listening to and becoming equal partners with this country’s First Peoples.  

Parish Life blog: Celebrating the origins of the Polish Catholic community in Australia

16 Feb 2020 | Editors

Descendants of Polish settlers around the country are being invited to a series of special events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first chaplain to the Polish community in Australia.

Parish Life blog: Social Justice

08 Feb 2020 | Andrew Hamilton SJ

The theme for 2020 World Day of Social Justice is ‘Closing the inequalities gap to achieve social justice’. The day on 20 February marks the start of a week dedicated to respect in, and of, our world.











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