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The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

24 Dec 2011

It's up to us to find a compassionate solution to refugee issues. Commit yourselves to doing 12 things for refugees over the Advent period.

MacKillop’s path to goodness

12 Dec 2011 | Liz Lillis

MacKillop's path to goodnessPrimary school students living in Lithgow, New South Wales, are taking inspiration on how to be good in their daily lives from Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. About 30 students at St Patrick's School are members of the Junior Josephite Associates.

Teaching right and wrong

12 Dec 2011 | Michael McVeigh

Teaching right and wrongThere's an old adage, 'give me a child until he's seven, and I will give you the man' (we're not sure if the hypothetical scenario takes more, or less, time for women).

Understanding the natural law

12 Dec 2011 | Ashleigh Green

Understanding the natural law What is Catholic Moral Theology? What does it have to teach us about how to face issues in contemporary society? Ashleigh Green talks to Professor Robert Gascoigne from Australian Catholic University.

Refugees - the compassionate solution

09 Oct 2011 | Catherine Marshall

Refugees: The compassionate solution Refugees, particularly those arriving by boats, have been a hot-button topic in Australian politics for a number of years. Beyond the political rhetoric about stopping the boats, securing our borders and stopping people smugglers lie real human beings in terrible situations, making a desperate attempt to find a safe and secure place to live.

Busting the myths

09 Oct 2011 | Vanessa Kelly

Busting asylum seeker mythsGetting our facts straight about refugee issues.

Opening new doors

09 Oct 2011 | Virginia Small

Opening new doorsRefugees living indefinitely in camps around the world not only require sustenance; they need means to improve their lives - especially education.

Travelling half a world in their shoes

09 Oct 2011 | Tim Kroenert

Travelling thousands of kilometres in their shoesWould spending time learning what life was like for refugees create more empathy towards their plight? The recent SBS program Go Back To Where You Came From sought to find out.

Capturing the journey

09 Oct 2011 | Michele Gierck

Capturing the journeyFor a group of women from the Horn of Africa, collaborating together on a book of stories for children has been a chance to ensure the full story of their journey from often dangerous homes to a place of safety has been captured forever.

Sing it for the world

03 Aug 2011 | Josephine Walton

Sing it for the worldBenefit concerts have been around for many years. Music has a way of bringing people together, and singers and bands have used that power to raise awareness and funds for those in need.

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