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The icing on the Christmas cake? Helping the poor

03 Nov 2015 | Clare Deignan

The kitchen in the Madeleine Centre at Genazzano FCJ College in Melbourne is all a-bustle. Students are cracking eggs, sifting flour, creaming butter and sugar, marinating fruit and pouring batter in tins, as cakes are rising in the oven while some cool on racks. It’s the annual Friends of Romania and the Philippines: Great Cake Bake. 

Home truths: Yummy Mummy

03 Nov 2015 | Kate Moriarty

Our new columnist wonders if she can ever become one of those women on the cover of a recipe book.

Where would Jesus eat at Christmas?

03 Nov 2015 | Michael Walter

Where would Jesus be most likely to celebrate Christmas? Father Terry Kean has a pretty good idea.  

A cabbage patch for kids

03 Nov 2015 | Clare Deignan

A school in Western Australia is changing the way kids think about food. There, teachers and parents aren’t wagging their fingers, reminding kids to eat their fruits and veggies. They don’t have to. The students at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, Kununurra have learned how to make their own nutritious meals using fruits and veggies grown in their own schoolyard. 

Finding a voice

19 Aug 2015 | Ruby O'Sullivan-Belfrage

Young people are our country’s future, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use their gifts and play a role in its present as well. A group of students in Melbourne is working to empower and engage their peers to be part of the national conversation in areas such as refugee policy.

Preserving nature's gifts

19 Aug 2015 | Ella Brennan

The earth and its ecosystems are blessings that we are slowly destroying. If we don’t do something to change our behaviour, the following places may not exist for future generations.

The maths of inequality

19 Aug 2015 | Caitlin Hardy

School can suck, right? Getting up early. Handing in those pesky assignments that tend to just continuously build up. Listening to boring teachers all day. It makes me sleepy just thinking about it. But what if we looked at a day in the life of a student living in a developing country? Suddenly our problems seem a bit trivial.

Online exclusive: Caring for our common home

07 Jul 2015

Pope Francis released his much-awaited encyclical on the environment in June this year, entitled 'Laudato Si'. Australian Catholics has summed up some its key points.

Divine injustice

26 May 2015 | Peter Fleming

Was Jesus fair in the way he expected people to treat each other? 

House rules

26 May 2015 | Clare Deignan

We’ve all heard it. Some of us have used it. The desperate protest favoured by kids and teenagers: ‘It’s just not fair!’ But Australian psychologist and author Steve Biddulph says what’s really not fair is that today’s kids are being robbed of their childhoods by too much exposure to the adult world. 

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