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Prayer blog: On my knees

25 May 2015 | Christina Rocha

I have been resenting my knee exercises recently.  I know they’re good for me, and as my physiotherapist keeps on reminding me, my knees will not get stronger unless I regularly do my exercises.  But I keep on finding other things to do with my spare time other than said knee exercises: sleep, catching up with friends throughout the week, bike riding, hiking, swimming, gardening, reading, crocheting, anything really, other than those blasted knee exercises.

Prayer blog: When faith isn't enough

19 May 2015 | Frances Morton

Like everyone, I’ve had some hard times in my life. Almost twenty years ago was one of the hardest, when I found out that something pretty bad happened to a close family member.

Prayer blog: Tweet others with love

14 May 2015 | Beth Doherty

Beth Doherty, editor of PrayOnline, reflects on Pope Francis’ twitter phenomen in ‘Tweet others with love: Pope Francis on Social Media’

Prayer blog: Learning motherhood

06 May 2015 | Liz Lillis

It was with an air of expectancy last Mother’s Day when I called Mum to chat on the phone. I was 36 weeks pregnant and the doctor had told me I'd have my first child within days thus beginning my own Motherhood journey.

Prayer blog: Amazing Grace

29 Apr 2015 | Fr Andy Hamilton SJ

Fr Andrew Hamilton reflects on the last moments of Andrew Chan’s and Myuran Sukumaran’s lives and God’s amazing grace.

Prayer blog: God's humanity

19 Apr 2015 | Genevieve Nicoll

Genevieve Nicoll contemplates the human and divine sides of God.

Prayer blog: 'Proving' God's existence

13 Apr 2015 | Michael McVeigh

Australian Catholics magazine’s editor, Michael McVeigh, reflects on why some need ‘proof’ in God’s existence to believe.  

Prayer blog: Moving on from 'sorry time'

07 Apr 2015 | Fr Brian McCoy

Fr Brian McCoy reflects on our post-Easter journeys and how we can move from the passion of Christ into the joy of the Easter season.

Prayer blog: Lorenzo's prayer

30 Mar 2015 | Natalie Gordon

As a teacher in an all boys’ boarding school in tropical far north Queensland, this lent has been somewhat different to all the other Lenten seasons of my adult spiritual life.

Prayer blog: A lenten oasis

15 Mar 2015 | James O'Brien

As pilgrims we need inner compass points to help us discern between those places in our lives that fill us with peace and those which drain us of life. One daily practice which can help us with this, and which we can include in our Lenten observance, is the awareness examen.











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