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2020 Media Internship – Opportunity for students

29 Nov 2019 | Michael McVeigh

Are you aware of any 2020 Year 10 or 11 students interested in a career in media or publishing? Here’s an opportunity for them to be a guest editor or interstate correspondent in our media internship program.

Catholic Teacher: Faith formation resources for Term Four 2019

17 Oct 2019 | Michael McVeigh

Our Summer 2019/20 edition will explore ‘The Mystery of God’. We’ll be looking at some of the history of mysticism in the Church, the lives of Catholic mystics, and some tools for prayer and contemplation that might help adults and young people connect with God today.

A story of Creation

13 Oct 2019 | Michael McVeigh

A message sent across the ages from the shores of Lake Mungo.

The many eyes of Matilda Moore

13 Oct 2019 | Michael McVeigh

A little girl discovers there’s more than one way to see the world.

High school students take over Jesuit publication

03 Sep 2019 | Michael McVeigh

Six Catholic school students have contributed their insights and stories to the Spring 2019 edition of Australian Catholics magazine, distributed in schools and parishes across Australia last month.


When family drama gets Biblical

07 Aug 2019 | Michael McVeigh

From Cain killing his brother Abel, to Mary having to give birth in a stable in Bethlehem, the Bible is full of family drama. While family life in Biblical times is just as messy as it can be today, there are still some valuable lessons to be learned. We take a look at three stories, and how they shape our understanding of God and family.

Catholic Teacher: Planning our youth edition

14 May 2019 | Michael McVeigh

Six students from Catholic schools around Melbourne have been hard at work this week planning articles for the Spring edition and learning about publishing on our media internship program.

Cyberbullying: Questions and activities

13 May 2019 | Michael McVeigh

Read Resisting cyberbullying in the Winter 2019 edition and take part in the various questions and activities. 

Embarking on the journey to Christ

13 Feb 2019 | Michael McVeigh

The sacraments are there to help Catholics strengthen our relationship with Jesus. Many may take that for granted, but speak to some students who recently undertook the sacraments for the first time, and you can understand the profound impact they can have on how we live our lives.

A land without checkpoints

13 Feb 2019 | Michael McVeigh

The suburbs of Melbourne are a long way from the streets of Palestine, but for three student teachers from Bethlehem University a month at an Australian school was an opportunity for both sharing and learning.

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