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A letter to Catherine McAuley

17 Aug 2020 | Michael McGirr

Reflecting on the advice by Sr Catherine McAuley to her sisters to 'dance every evening'.

A letter to a centenarian

16 May 2020 | Michael McGirr

Tom Moore was never shy of public service, but did the expect to become an international sensation after he passed his 99th birthday?

An ocean of meaning

17 Mar 2020 | Michael McGirr

The story of Jonah is full of humour but it also asks us to turn
away from our own interests and let God set the tone of our lives.

A letter to: Ash Barty

13 Feb 2020 | Michael McGirr

Michael McGirr takes the opportunity to introduce Ash Barty to St Ignatius.

A letter to Pedro Arrupe

29 Oct 2019 | Michael McGirr

Michael McGirr writes to Pedro Arrupe congratulating him for being on the road to sainthood.

A letter to a poet

07 Aug 2019 | Michael McGirr

Dear Les Murray, I clearly remember the day many years ago when I was working for Australian Catholics magazine and you rang up out of the blue.

A letter to a young doctor

07 May 2019 | Michael McGirr

Regular columnist Michael McGirr writes to a young doctor, thanking her for showing Year 10 students around a mosque and talking about faith and wellbeing.

A letter to a friend in pain

13 Feb 2019 | Michael McGirr

Remembering the good times and offering your company (community) to a friend.

A letter to the Speaker of the House

09 Nov 2018 | Michael McGirr

parliament huseIt's comforting that Parliament starts with what is, effectively, a love letter.

2011 – A letter to Santa

18 Sep 2018 | Michael McGirr

A letter to SantaDear Father Christmas,
We are writing to let you know that your application for asylum in Australia has been denied. You will not be permitted to enter Australian airspace on December 24. The relevant matters are dealt with below. We are taking a bi-partisan approach to this matter.











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