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Our pilgrim life

26 Oct 2020 | Ann Rennie

We are all on a journey together.

The day the Lord has made

23 Aug 2020 | Ann Rennie

It might be a time for muted celebration, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to celebrate.

What needs to be done

20 May 2020 | Ann Rennie

It’s no longer possible to ignore the fact that our climate is changing. Now we need to find the courage to act.

Becoming an influencer

11 Feb 2020 | Ann Rennie

On social media, companies will pay millions for the right influencers to talk about their products. But the most important influencers aren’t measured by ‘likes’ or ‘followers’, but by the power of their words and actions.

Surrendering to the silence

13 Oct 2019 | Ann Rennie

Seeking those moments when we connect with that mysterious something beyond ourselves and our world.

The blessings of family

05 Aug 2019 | Ann Rennie

The blessings of family, mainly marvellous and occasionally mixed, is given to us the moment we take our first breath. It is with us till the last.

Logging on to our selves

07 May 2019 | Ann Rennie

We have more ways to connect with each other than ever before, yet so many people are feeling anxious and unhappy. What’s the connection that we’re missing?

Small 'r' reconciliation

05 Feb 2019 | Ann Rennie

Reconciliation begins in the home.

Setting some new KPIs

10 Nov 2018 | Ann Rennie

As we look towards the new year, perhaps we need to set ourselves some new goals so we can work towards everyday holiness.

My spiritual landscape

21 Aug 2018 | Ann Rennie

spring flower in meadowHow we see ourselves in relation to God is shaped by our background, our community, our experiences and our desires.











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