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Love Madonna? – Share it with others

26 Sep 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

2020 has not been a kind year to magazines and Catholic print magazines have experienced the same pressures that have been experienced in the secular media.

A day dedicated to non-violence

26 Sep 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

A day of non-violence seems a very small thing. Might we not hope for a week, a month, even a lifetime free from violence. But we know that this is not the way the world is

The work of peace

15 Sep 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The International Day of Peace on 21 September looks at the broadest worldwide canvas but if we want peace then we must begin with negotiation of differences through apologies and reconciliation in personal relationships.

Patient care a community concern

09 Sep 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The cause that International World Patient Safety Day commends is the business of all of us.

Taking care of mental health

06 Sep 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Suicide Prevention Day (10 September) invites us to ask how we can help prevent similar deaths in future.

Putting children first

06 Sep 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Child Protection Sunday, which is observed in the Catholic Church, comes at the end of Child Protection Week. The theme of the week is Putting Children First. Religious Superiors' sermon notes on Child Protection Week.

Safeguarding education

01 Sep 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

This month will see a new UN observance – Day to Protect Education from Attack. The Day draws attention to the plight of more than 75 million 3-to-18-year-olds living in 35 crisis-affected countries and to their urgent need of educational support. 

Parish Life blog: The richness of charity

29 Aug 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Charity sees other people as our brothers and sisters who command our respect and generosity, not rivals or enemies.

Explorations: Joy and thanksgiving

19 Aug 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

For some people, religion can seem dull and sombre. Yet there’s a deep joy at the heart of religious life for Christians. In this Explorations, we explore the role of joy in faith.

Religion is about love, not hatred

12 Aug 2020 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence based on religion or belief will be held on 22 August.











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