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Scripture reflections: Did not our hearts burn within as he talked to us?

 |  24 April 2017

Lectionary readings

First reading: Acts 2:14, 22-33

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 16

Second reading: 1 Peter:17-21

Gospel: John 24:13-55

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Eastertide, the weeks following Easter Sunday, are full of joy and hope. 

I gently prepare to come before my God in prayer. Perhaps I light a candle to help me be more aware of God’s presence – ‘the light of the world’.

Slowly, confidently and with hope, I read this week’s opening prayer several times. I spend some time reflecting once more on the dark hours of the Lord’s passion, but also on the extraordinary events of Easter when he rose from the dead.

I speak to my risen Lord – maybe asking him to show me how I can answer his call. Where I can work with him to strengthen his Kingdom: in my family, in my parish, in my neighbourhood, at my place of work.

I remain in his presence for a while, thanking him for this time with him. I bring my prayer to a close with a slow and reverent sign of the cross.

Second Reading

1 Peter:17-21

I read the passage slowly, reflecting on the truth that, like a good parent, the Father has no favourites, and yet I am aware of all the love and goodness God has shown to me. I thank him that I am his child and I rejoice to belong to him.

I turn to Christ who became man for me and endured the Cross to teach me how to love. I ask him for the grace not to waste, through selfishness and sin, the precious gift of salvation he has won for me by shedding his blood.

I am humbled by the truth that through him I have the gift of faith in God and, in awe, I marvel that ‘God raised him from the dead and gave him glory’ so that I ‘would have faith and hope in God.’ I end by praying as Jesus taught us: Our Father ...


John 24:13-55

I may imagine walking with the disciples, hearing their concerns and then, like them, listening to the Stranger, longing for him to stay with me. As I join them at the table as he takes bread, blesses it, breaks it and gives it to us. Immediately our eyes are opened and we recognise the Stranger is Jesus, risen from the dead. He vanishes from our sight but our hearts burn with love and joy.

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Reflections from from the Jesuits in Britain.  



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