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Our friend Pope Francis

Yazmine Lomax and Niamh Pillinger |  08 January 2014

Just what impact has Pope Francis had on people's views of the Church over the last 12 months? We asked some of the young people at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival for their views.

Baden Sinclair, Bathurst Diocese
'I think Pope Francis is a real break from the academic popes we've had previously. He's really practicing what he preaches. He's actually getting out there. He's not so wrapped up in the structure of the Church.'

Christopher Maxwell, Nazareth College
'My opinion on the new pope is that he seems to be one that could spark a change in a lot of people's opinions on current issues to do with the Church.'

Dan Kelly, Mount Lilydale
'I think it's fantastic that Pope Francis is our new pope. I think having someone from South America leading will bring a lot more life to the Church.'

Hannah McNeil, Ryan Catholic College, Townsville
'He's really cool. He brings the big things to the people and makes it more modern. And he really brings people in.'

Hogan Rogers, Emmanuel Community
'I think the way he is coming into this generation and just showing Christians everywhere the true essence of what it really means to live and work for Christ is just amazing. I know that in the future Pope Francis will lead us into this next age and really just show Christians everywhere what it truly does mean to be a disciple of Christ.'

Maria Ramirez, Townsville Diocese
'I reckon that the new pope is involving a lot of youth. He's very open about everything and he's a lot more involved with different countries.'



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