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Young Journalist Award 2020

Staff  |  05 February 2020

Do you have a passion for capturing the world around you? Perhaps you’re a budding writer, photographer, podcaster or videographer? Here’s an opportunity to do something fun and to have your work shared across Australia.

The Young Journalist Award, brought to you by Australian Catholic University, is an opportunity for young people to explore the interesting and inspiring stories that are everywhere around them, and share those stories with the wider community.

This year, for the first time, we’re opening up the award not just to young writers, but also to students interested in photography and digital journalism.

We’re still going to be looking for journalistic stories that feature interviews with at least one subject, and which answer the basic questions of who, where, when, why, what and how. However, this year we’re offering students a variety of ways to tell those stories.


The theme for this year will be ‘Living it up: Stories of celebration’. Inspiring stories students might explore for their entries include sporting, academic or arts achievements, personal milestones, cultural and religious celebrations, or community events.

Do you know someone who has achieved something extraordinary? Is there an event at your school or in your community that you think has an interesting story attached to it? Perhaps there’s a story that hasn’t been recognised enough that you think is worth celebrating more widely.

There are interesting and inspiring stories everywhere. Here’s your opportunity to go out and find them, and share them with the rest of Australia.


What’s your passion – words, images or video/podcasting? How will your story best inspire people?

Go out on the beat like a print journalist. Experience the story for yourself, or interview the main people involved, then write about it.

Or are you most comfortable behind the lens of a camera? Go out and capture the story as a photo journalist with a selection of images.

Or you might choose to go out as a digital journalist, using video or audio to tell the story. 

Consider which style might be best for sharing your story. 



There are three award categories - print journalism, photo journalism and digital journalism. Each category has two sections: 

  • Junior Section – Years 5 and 6
  • Intermediate Section – Years 7, 8 and 9

The Junior and Intermediate winners and runners-up in each category will be awarded prize packs. Winning print and photo entries will be printed in the magazine, while digital entries will be featured on our website.


Print journalism entries

Articles should be journalistic in style - so no creative writing. They must include quotes from at least one subject, and should answer the basic questions of who, where, what, why and how. 

Junior entries in this category should be no more than 350 words, while intermediate entries should be no more than 500 words.




Photo journalism entries

Entries in this category need to visually capture a subject or event that's relevant to the main theme. 

Junior and intermediate entreis should include between 2 and 4 photos, as well as a 30 to 50 word caption that shares the story details (who, what, where, when, why). 




Digital journalism entries

This category is open to either short video or audio (podcast) journalistic pieces. Entries may feature one or more interviews with people with stories to share, or feature video and audio grabs from an event with a voiceover sharing the full story. 

Entries should be no more than two minutes long (Junior and Intermediate), and should be accompanied by a transcript. 





ENTRIES CLOSE 5pm on Friday 22 May 2020.


Terms and conditions:

  • Entries must be the work of individual students – team entries are not accepted. Only one entry per student will be accepted. 
  • Entries can only be submitted electronically using the above submission forms. Please ensure all details, including teacher contact details, are supplied. Please follow the instructions and requirements on the entry forms. 
  • Print entries: Entries must not exceed 350 words for Junior section (Year 5 and 6) and 500 words for Intermediate section (Year 7, 8 and 9). 
  • Photo entries: Entries for both Junior and Intermediate sections should include between two and four photos, and one 30 to 50 word caption covering all the photos. 
  • Digital entries: Entries should be no more than two minutes long (Junior  and Intermediate), and should be accompanied by a transcript. 
  • All entries must have a unique, relevant title. 
  • Closing date for entries is 5pm Friday 22 May 2020. Entries arriving after this date will not be accepted. 
  • The decision of the judges is final. Winners will be notified via their school before the Spring 2020 edition goes to press.
  • Winning articles and images will be published in the Spring 2020 issue of the magazine. Digital entries will be posted on our website. All winning entries will need release forms from the parents/guardians of the students, as well as the subjects if they are under 18. Prizes will be forwarded to the school for distribution. 

Good luck!


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