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Reflections from PNG

17 Feb 2020

Seven representatives from the Catholic community in Australia visited Papua New Guinea in November 2019 to listen, pray and express solidarity with men who are languishing there under Australia’s offshore detention program. Here they share their experiences of the visit, their time among the men, and their hopes for a durable solution.

Opening new frontiers

17 Feb 2020 | Tracey Edstein

How do we identify and support the next generation of leaders in the Catholic Church? An innovative ACU program might provide an answer.

Giving thanks for the Mystery

17 Feb 2020 | Jenny Brinkworth

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) may have robbed Dr Michael Bowden of the ability to speak, but he still has something valuable to share with the world from his research into the spirituality of the Arrernte people in the Northern Territory.

How great was Saint Constantine?

17 Feb 2020 | Peter Fleming

The debate around the legacy of St Constantine highlights the difficulty of judging someone’s motivations from afar. 

A letter to: Ash Barty

13 Feb 2020 | Michael McGirr

Michael McGirr takes the opportunity to introduce Ash Barty to St Ignatius.

Listening to the Holy Spirit: A guide to discernment

12 Feb 2020

In the lead-up to the Plenary Council, Catholic communities are being asked to reflect on what the Holy Spirit is asking of the Church today. This type of discernment has been a part of Christian life for centuries, but it might be something new to many. Here’s a brief guide to how discernment works for individuals and communities, and how it might help you in your life and work.

Listening to the Holy Spirit: A Church where everybody leads

12 Feb 2020 | Michael McVeigh

As we approach the Plenary Council, discerning our own role in today’s Church is going to be important. We spoke to Dr Chris Lowney, author of Heroic Leadership and Everybody Leads among other books, about how all Catholics can take responsibility in the next phase of the life of the Church in Australia.

Breaking down the age barriers

11 Feb 2020 | Michael McVeigh

Sacred Heart College in Geelong, Victoria, is changing the way leadership roles are made available to students, and it means more students have the opportunity to step up and contribute to the community.

Raising leaders of hope

11 Feb 2020 | Francine Crimmins

Making a difference isn’t just up to our political leaders – it’s up to all of us. Caritas Australia’s Just Leadership Days are about encouraging the next generation to be social justice leaders.

The way of the Cross: Leading in Jesus’ footsteps

10 Feb 2020 | Caitlin Humphrys

Christian history has many different models of leadership, from mystics who provided wise counsel from the wilderness, to Popes who played politics and negotiated with rulers. But all of these people had one source of inspiration – the way of Christ himself.

Humbling himself to his disciples, meeting and accompanying people where they were, and being crucified on the Cross, Jesus radically challenged the world’s idea of what it means to lead. Two millennia later, we can still find inspiration in his story.

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