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Young writers

Learning about journalism

23 Aug 2020 | Alissa-Rose Probyn

Nine students joined us online for this year’s Australian Catholics Internship Program. During the week the students had the opportunity to hear from a number of guest speakers about the working life of journalists.

Where traditions come from

22 Aug 2020 | C. S. Kim

How well do you know the traditions around cake cutting for birthdays?

Who should we celebrate?

22 Aug 2020 | Ava Barratt

This Spring edition has been put together by a group of Year 10 and 11 students from Catholic schools around Australia. The students spent a week online with our editors, learning about media and publishing, while planning and writing articles for the magazine.

The theme of the edition is ‘Celebration’. The students have reflected on what the theme means to them, and in particular the sorts of stories they want to celebrate. Here, one of the students, Ava Barratt, reflects on what the theme means to her.

Grandfather’s piece

22 Aug 2020 | Olivia Vercoe

Music evokes cherished memories.

The street shredder

19 Aug 2020 | Will Olteanu

A story about the struggles of finding your way as a teenager in a small country town.

An invitation

18 Aug 2020 | Sophie Thompson

We are invited to celebrate our faith and the happiness God brings people.

The ingredients for a happy occasion

18 Aug 2020 | Teagan Brunner

Young writer Teagan Brunner talks with her aunt Gabby about her aunt's passion for, and the demands of, the cake business.

Re-discovering what’s important

18 Aug 2020 | Molly Brabham

COVID-19 might have changed the way we can celebrate special events, but the impact hasn’t been completely bad.

A brief period of rejoicing

18 Aug 2020 | Sophie Thompson

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on all of our lives this year. One of our young writers looks ahead at what it might be like when the lockdowns and social distancing ends.

Celebrating life

18 Aug 2020 | C. S. Kim

Life can have its ups and downs for all of us, particularly in these times. I find, however, that there are things I can do to help me get in the right mindset for the day.












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