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Young writers

The audition

16 Feb 2021 | Molly Brabham

One of our young writers shares a rite of passage experience – waiting to be cast into a role.

Rites of passage for young people today

16 Feb 2021 | Dana Sutherland

A young writer talks about four things that marked the transition from child to 'grown up'.

A disciple in the waiting

15 Feb 2021 | Geraldine Vytilingam

One of our young writers imagines what it might have been like for the followers of Jesus on Holy Saturday.

Holding on to hope

15 Feb 2021 | Ann Maria Sabu

One of our young writers community members shares her experiences visiting asylum seekers in detention.

Life after a vaccine

02 Feb 2021 | Tatiana Kurniawan

As we wait for a COVID-19 vaccine, and anticipate life afterwards, what are the things we want to hold on to?

The walk of a lifetime

02 Nov 2020 | Ava Barrett

Miesje Blumer first considered a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago half a century ago, after a suggestion from her parish priest. But it wasn’t until she was 70 years old that she decided to finally embark on the journey – travelling the distance on her own. One of our young writers speaks to her about her experience.

What Covid-19 has taught me

01 Nov 2020

All of us will remember 2020 as the year of COVID-19. We asked some of our young writers community to share what they have experienced this year and how they have grown.

From surviving to thriving

01 Nov 2020 | Hannah Kennelly

While this global pandemic evolves, a different plague of stress, anxiety and exhaustion can threaten to engulf our daily lives. Caring for your mental health has never been more critical. One of our young writers shares some ideas of things you can do to help cope in these times.

Learning about journalism

23 Aug 2020 | Alissa-Rose Probyn

Nine students joined us online for this year’s Australian Catholics Internship Program. During the week the students had the opportunity to hear from a number of guest speakers about the working life of journalists.

Where traditions come from

22 Aug 2020 | C. S. Kim

How well do you know the traditions around cake cutting for birthdays?











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