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Gaming the Gospels: Celebrating who we are

23 Aug 2020

What does Jesus value about us?

Gaming the Gospels – Party games edition

18 Aug 2020 | Kate Moriarty

Sometimes the best way to learn is by playing a game. 

Quarantine with the saints

25 May 2020 | Michael McVeigh

Here’s a fun activity to help stir the imagination while in lockdown at home. You have 15 points to spend. Who would be your dream quarantine companions?

Saints Quiz

25 May 2020

Saints for a time of lockdown.

Gaming the Gospels: My Garden of Eden

25 May 2020

What seven things would students want with them in their own Garden of Eden?

The social justice hero’s journey

25 May 2020 | Michael McVeigh

This game is aimed at helping young people become the next generation of social justice heroes.

At your disposal

24 May 2020 | Kate Moriarty

‘Reduce, re-use, recycle’ might be a helpful mantra for family prayer.

Quiz: Popes who became saints

17 Feb 2020

How well do you know the Papal saints?

Playlist: Exploring what it means to be a leader

12 Feb 2020 | Dana Sutherland

A look at leaders feature in two movies and a popular children's book.

Gaming the Gospels: Follow the Leader

10 Feb 2020 | Staff

How easy is it to identify and follow a leader? Take part in this fun activity and then reflect on a leader's role.











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