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Surrendering to the silence

13 Oct 2019 | Ann Rennie

Seeking those moments when we connect with that mysterious something beyond ourselves and our world.

Sainthood for the smartphone generation

13 Oct 2019 | Beth Doherty

Is it still possible to live a mystical life in a de-mystified world?

God is the water in my garden

13 Oct 2019 | James O'Brien

Being led by God into a deepening experience of grace.

Support for struggling families

08 Aug 2019 | Abbey Maffescioni

When your family has gone through a rough patch and find that they are in need of support, where do you get support from? Many families that struggle find it hard to find support within their community. However, there are services dedicated to helping families through rough times. One of these agencies is Catholic Care.


Fumbled knots (A refugee and his family)

08 Aug 2019 | Elise Ho

Elise Ho’s father came to Australia as a refugee from Vietnam. The following poem was written after she interviewed him about his journey.

Communion at the dinner table

07 Aug 2019 | Emilie Ng

In her first year of motherhood, Emilie Ng has discovered the importance of dinner time for families.

The patron of family squabbles

07 Aug 2019 | Peter Fleming

St Elizabeth of Portugal dealt with her fair share of family drama. But as a Queen, her family dramas had further reaching consequences than most.

When family drama gets Biblical

07 Aug 2019 | Michael McVeigh

From Cain killing his brother Abel, to Mary having to give birth in a stable in Bethlehem, the Bible is full of family drama. While family life in Biblical times is just as messy as it can be today, there are still some valuable lessons to be learned. We take a look at three stories, and how they shape our understanding of God and family.

An offer from a stranger

07 Aug 2019 | Kate Moriarty

An unexpected encounter in a shopping centre food court.

The blessings of family

05 Aug 2019 | Ann Rennie

The blessings of family, mainly marvellous and occasionally mixed, is given to us the moment we take our first breath. It is with us till the last.

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