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Faith in an age of melancholy

23 Aug 2020 | Fr David Braithwaite SJ

In today’s debate about the worth of heroes, the Catholic tradition can hold both heroes and victims because Christ is both.

The party life of Jesus

23 Aug 2020

Jesus’ life was spent doing the things he thought were important – celebrating and spending time with people he cared about. That’s not a bad way to live.

The day the Lord has made

23 Aug 2020 | Ann Rennie

It might be a time for muted celebration, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to celebrate.

The lifeblood of any celebration

18 Aug 2020 | Peter Fleming

St Martha may have chosen the ‘worse part’, but she had a special relationship with Jesus, who knew that we need people like her in the world.

A radical kinship

20 May 2020 | Miranda King

Finding a faith that embraces justice, ecology and theology.

What needs to be done

20 May 2020 | Ann Rennie

It’s no longer possible to ignore the fact that our climate is changing. Now we need to find the courage to act.

Hope in dark times

17 May 2020 | Brooke Myler

When disaster strikes, rather than asking ‘why is God doing this?’ it might be more helpful to ask ‘what is God asking of me at this time?’

Home truths: Not giving up on Lent

17 Feb 2020 | Kate Moriarty

Does the idea of Lent bring you more anxiety than spiritual solace? Perhaps there’s a different way to approach it. 

Discovering the Light Web

12 Feb 2020 | Brenna Dempsey

It sometimes feels that social media is full of nothing but anger and vitriol. But one of our young writers has discovered there are some communities where people can still find beauty and goodness.

Becoming an influencer

11 Feb 2020 | Ann Rennie

On social media, companies will pay millions for the right influencers to talk about their products. But the most important influencers aren’t measured by ‘likes’ or ‘followers’, but by the power of their words and actions.











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