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In times of crisis, what can we learn from refugees?

14 Apr 2020 | Jesuit Social Services

Danielle Sherry is coordinator of Jesuit Social Services Just Voices Speakers Program. She recently spoke to Just Voices participant Isaiah Lahai about the lessons that can be learned from the experience of being a refugee for those grappling with life during a global pandemic.

Refugees and migrants: questions and activities

14 Aug 2019 | Michele Frankeni

Read Fumbled knots (a refugee and his family) in the Spring edition of Australian Catholics and take part in the following questions and activities.

What should Australians know about refugees

04 Jun 2019

Australian Catholics journalist interns recently recorded a podcast interview with Agum from the Jesuit Social Services Just Voices Speakers Program. Agum arrived in Australia in 2008, after fleeing from Sudan as a refugee when she was a child.

Catholic Teacher blog: Stand with refugees

04 Jun 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Refugees are not a number nor a problem but are persons, each of whom is precious, each of whom has a story, each of whom makes a claim on us as fellow human beings.

RE-cycled: Walking in the shoes of refugees

17 Aug 2016

Year-12 students Austin Deppeler, Alex Oakes and Jasmin Mathews along with their teachers Mr Kieran Kiely and Mrs Shirley Dagmang put themselves in the shoes of Syrian refugees to raise money for much needed food, medicine and support and to raise awareness for refugees who have lost everything.

Prayer blog: Big and small - pictures of refugees

18 Jun 2015 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ reflects on the big and small picture of the world’s refugee crisis.

Prayer rite for refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people

20 May 2015 | Geraldine Martin

A liturgy for refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people to use for World Refugee Day.

Reflection: A Palm Sunday call to action for refugees

13 Apr 2014 | Bishop Vincent Long OFMConv

Palm Sunday walkMelbourne Auxiliary Bishop Vincent Long, himself a former refugee, spoke with passion about Australia's responsibility to welcome and provide shelter to those seeking our aid at a prayer service before the Palm Sunday Refugee March in Melbourne on 13 April. 'We have been given much and much is expected of us, individually and as a society in terms of our compassion, generosity and commitment to share with others.'

Class discussion: Refugees - The long journey home

24 Dec 2011

Classroom discussion activity for 'The long journey home' from the Christmas 2011 edition

Refugees - the compassionate solution

09 Oct 2011 | Catherine Marshall

Refugees: The compassionate solution Refugees, particularly those arriving by boats, have been a hot-button topic in Australian politics for a number of years. Beyond the political rhetoric about stopping the boats, securing our borders and stopping people smugglers lie real human beings in terrible situations, making a desperate attempt to find a safe and secure place to live.











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