Dr Jill Gowdie PhD GAICD

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Dr Jill Gowdie PhD GAICD
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+61 (0) 439483338
All over Australia and New Zealand

Areas are Mission, Formation, Leadership, Theology, Spirituality and Culture

A sample of topics includes:

o  Leadership Formation – Trends, Traps and Hard Truths

o  Host-Guest Theology as a frame for Leadership today

o  Know a Hundred Stories: Growing Authentic Culture

o  Staff with Spirit – Carrying the Flame

Organisation Description

Jill Gowdie Round Table is a consultancy with a focus on identity, mission, formation, leadership and culture and working with individual leaders, teams, schools, systems, PJPs and Boards across the Catholic and Faith-based education entities and in both the NFP and public sectors.

Round Table work includes Strategic Reviews, Keynotes, Professional Retreats, Formation Programs, Online Resources and Event and Team Facilitation.   


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