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Winter 2014: Respecting human dignity

28 May 2014


Women working together

28 May 2014 | Clare Deignan

While sometimes finding herself in the minority in advocacy work on women’s issues, Peg McEntee says it’s important to respect other opinions while holding strong to your own beliefs.

A refugee’s hip hop odyssey

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28 May 2014 | Michele Gierck

There are many ways to tell stories; scribing or speaking are common art forms. But when a powerful personal story, a rugged African refugee tale which has brewed over many years, is told in song by a passionate musician whose life has been carved out by that experience, there’s a dynamism and a conviction which beckons audiences—and challenges too.

Representing who you are

28 May 2014 | Fatima Measham

While her Wiradjuri heritage is an important aspect of Anita Heiss’s identity, her books are about changing people’s ideas about what it means to be an Indigenous person today. 

Fair play for all

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28 May 2014 | Yazmine Lomax

Sporting super events like the FIFA World Cup and Olympic games are typically associated with the ideals of cooperation, fair play, and equality. The international hand of friendship is extended across oceans and continents in extravagant celebrations of athletic talent. But with Brazil about to take centre stage for the World Cup, a different picture is emerging of the impact of these events on marginalised communities. 

Serving ‘God’s nobility’

28 May 2014 | Sr Anne Taylor RSC

From the outset, the Sisters of Charity have sought to serve the poor and marginalised above all others. As they celebrate 175 years in Australia, we look at how that vow of service has sown the seeds of many different ministries over the years.

The value of a life

28 May 2014 | Clare Deignan

A disability acquired as an infant has shaped Angela Moore’s life in many different ways. Growing up with Angela also had a big impact on her sister, Michelle McIntosh. Angela is now inspiring students as a teacher, while Michelle is doing medical research to help save the lives of women in Africa.

Working to live

28 May 2014 | Ray Cassin

Geraldine Hughes says while unions have been under attack in recent times, they remain a vital protection for workers bearing the brunt of a system that sees them less as human beings and more as costs to be cut or productivity outcomes to be increased. 

Explorations: Respect

28 May 2014 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Respect is an important but sometimes puzzling concept. Like a form of currency, we feel entitled to it for ourselves and others, but can earn or lose it by our actions. Yet even the most morally bankrupt of us have an innate dignity as human beings that can never be lost. Respect, then, is a starting point for all our relationships.

A letter to Tolkien

28 May 2014 | Michael McGirr

Dear Tolkien, It seems strange just to call you by your surname. Your wife, Edith, always called you Ronald. Your many friends at Oxford University tended to call you Tollers and to some you were Professor Tolkien. 

Changing someone else’s world

28 May 2014 | Ann Rennie

Seeing beauty in others can help them see the beauty in themselves.

To see the person with love

28 May 2014 | Jan Coleman & Caitlin Coleman

The Church's teaching on sexuality, like all Church teachings, is grounded in a desire to build relationships modeled on God’s own love for us. Unfortunately many same-sex attracted people have found themselves greeted, not with love, but with condemnation and discrimination from many Catholics. This edition is about respecting the dignity of each human being. So we have asked Jan Coleman and her daughter Caitlin, who is gay, to respond to the Pope’s statements on homosexuality. 

Behind the Our Father

28 May 2014 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

In this new regular feature, Australian Catholics takes a deeper look at some popular prayers in the Catholic tradition.

Catholic Social Teaching with Pixar

28 May 2014 | Paige Morrison, Nicole de Souza, Nicola Nemaric, Rebecca Gauci

Since the release of Toy Story in 1995, Pixar movies have dazzled critics and audiences alike with heartwarming, and often hilarious, tales of adventure and discovery. But beyond the fun, these movies deliver thought-provoking life lessons in morality, love, friendship and other facets of the human condition. In this article, Australian Catholics explores the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching and what we can learn about them while watching Pixar films.

Taking responsibility

28 May 2014 | Doreen Vella

Some people do more than ‘go the extra mile’ to support others. They go a lot further indeed. 


28 May 2014 | Yasmine Lomax

Yasmine Lomax looks at some books that explore the theme of human dignity.

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