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Winter 2013: Faith in the public square

07 May 2013


Taking it to the streets

08 May 2013 | Dominic Loschiavo

Taking it to the streetsIf Catholics want to keep the Church relevant in public life, they have to get creative and find ways that work in today's world.

A place among the outcasts

08 May 2013 | Rosie Hoban

A place among the outcastsMargaret Hayes says she works with people with HIV/AIDS and people in prisons because they need to know that God loves them. It's a place in society where the Church will always be welcome.

Searching for a GPS

08 May 2013 | Jessica Ali, Josephine Walton and Nicola Nemaric

Searching for a GPSThe Church is a place where people can find guidance, community and spirituality. Where do young people find these things today? We asked some of them to share their thoughts.

Raising believers and raising non-believers

08 May 2013 |

Raising believers and raising non-believersWe live in a community with people of many different beliefs, and with those who don't hold any religious belief. Yet in things like raising and caring for our children, there are more things we hold in common than those that differentiate us.

Eight eye-opening facts about Pope Francis

08 May 2013 | Michael McVeigh and Rob Morris SJ

Eight eye-opening facts about Pope FrancisSo you think you're an expert on the new Pope? You might know that he's the first Pope from the southern hemisphere, and the first Jesuit in the role, but here are some things you might not know.

Explorations: Christianity in public life

08 May 2013 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Christianity in public lifeJesus said, 'Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and render unto God the things which are God's.' But how do we decide how much our faith encroaches into the public square, and how much should be kept to ourselves?

Living up to the 'Catholic' label

08 May 2013 | Catherine Marshall

Living up to the 'Catholic' labelFormer NSW Premier Kristina Keneally says it's not easy being a Catholic in public life, particularly when you have your own struggles with the faith.

The new radicals?

08 May 2013 | Rob Morris SJ

The new radicals?Forget rock concerts. If young people really want to get their parents worried, perhaps they should start going to Mass on Sundays.

Towards a rational faith

08 May 2013 | Phil Moller SJ

Towards a rational faithWhy do so many young Australians seem to think that faith is not relevant to their lives? 


07 May 2013 | Michael McVeigh

The world today is a lot like a vast bazaar filled with noise and lights, with people trying to distract us in one way or another, to make us feel we need to listen to their message above and beyond everything else. This bazaar is where we construct who we are, everything from our clothes and hairstyles, to football teams and political allegiances.

News feature: Time to face the truth

07 May 2013 | Ray Cassin

In order to make amends for its actions in the past, the Catholic Church needs to face up truthfully to questions about its conduct, says Chief Executive of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council Francis Sullivan.

Unguarded moments: Making a noise, and making it clear

07 May 2013 | Ann Rennie

If we want to see the Church of the 21st century, we should look first to what's happening in our schools.

A letter to: The Pope

07 May 2013 | Michael McGirr

Dear Pope Francis,
There is so much I would like to say to you about so many topics that I have no idea where to start. So, if you could give me a few minutes, I'd simply like to share a memory.

AC in the classroom: In the footsteps of St Paul the Evangelist

07 May 2013 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

St Paul was an unusual person. But his letters and his life show what it means to be a Christian in today's world.

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