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Summer 2019/20: Mysticism

13 October 2019


A letter to Pedro Arrupe

29 October 2019 | Michael McGirr

Michael McGirr writes to Pedro Arrupe congratulating him for being on the road to sainthood.

Where words can’t reach

13 October 2019 | Tim Kroenert

Religious composer Fr Chris Willcock says music has its own little corner of the soul, which it alone can reach.

Prayer that changes lives

13 October 2019 | Kaitlyn Fasso-Opie

Contemplative life isn’t about cutting oneself off from the world, but engaging spiritually with the world, says Mother Hilda Scott from Jamberoo Abbey.

Living Laudato si’ at Christmas

30 October 2019 | Alice Foddy

Some simple ways you can live Laudato si’ at Christmas.

To follow the light of a star

28 October 2019 | Nevie Peters

Three Magi take to the road not knowing what they will find at the end of their journey.

Lessons in love

28 October 2019 | Hannah Kennelly

The deep bonds between people and their animal companions cannot be denied. When one of these companions passes away, it can be as painful as losing any other family member. Dr Michael O’Donoghue says accompanying people in their grief after losing pets has taught him a great deal about love, and enhanced his faith.

The ‘magic’ of Christmas

13 October 2019 | Thea Kurniawan

The stories that we tell at Christmas are often centered around miraculous events and transformations. Whether people believe in God or not, there’s something about the Christmas season that opens people up to the deeper mysteries of our existence. One of our young writers looks at the truths hiding inside some mystical Christmas stories from around the world.

Event: Australian Catholic Youth Festival

13 October 2019 |

Musical performances will lift the spirit at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth in December.

Contemplative prayer

13 October 2019 | Margaret-Mary Flynn

Recently, a renewed interest in the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, and ancient practices for inner peace, such as yoga, has sparked interest in the spiritual traditions of silence and contemplation. There is nothing new under the sun, and the techniques for stilling the body, mind and heart used in Eastern traditions can easily be added to the tradition of silent prayer and contemplation that has always been central to Christian spirituality.

Mysticism in Australian literature

13 October 2019 | Elaine Lindsay

Books provide us with a privileged insight into the interior lives of the people who wrote them. So what can we learn about how Australians experience the mystical side of reality from Australian fiction?

Sitting and praying with children

13 October 2019 | Emilie Ng

Penny Sturrock says children take to meditation much more naturally than adults. We talk to her about her work in schools across Australia.

The many eyes of Matilda Moore

13 October 2019 | Michael McVeigh

A little girl discovers there’s more than one way to see the world.

The many paths of mysticism

13 October 2019 | Dana Sutherland

Mystic saints have served as an example for Christians for centuries. Whether it’s through their writing or the example of their lives, they demonstrate a way that we can be brought more closely into unity with God. But that’s not to say that each saint is the same. The variety in the lives of saints is proof that there are many different ways to walk with God. In this feature, one of our young writers explores the lives of three female mystics and their very different spiritual journeys.

Praying for divine intervention

13 October 2019 | Kate Moriarty

It might be time to start spreading the burden when it comes to answering domestic prayers.

The disciple whom Jesus loved

13 October 2019 | Peter Fleming

John the Evangelist had a mystical understanding of the mission and meaning of Jesus.

A story of Creation

13 October 2019 | Michael McVeigh

A message sent across the ages from the shores of Lake Mungo.

Dadirri: Deep listening

13 October 2019 | Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr

Dadirri is quiet, still awareness – deep listening. It’s the thing that makes up who we are as Aboriginal people, spiritually.

A history of mysticism in Catholicism

13 October 2019 | Miranda King

In this feature we explore some of the key writings of Catholic mystics through the ages. Each spoke in a particular way to their own times and contexts, but their writings continue to call us back to a more authentic way of living out the life of faith today.

The Mystery of the Trinity

13 October 2019 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

The Trinity is often left out of our prayer as we focus on either God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, rather than the mystery of how they all come together. But does it have to be that way? In this Explorations, we explore how the Trinity can help bring us into a deeper relationship with God.

Surrendering to the silence

13 October 2019 | Ann Rennie

Seeking those moments when we connect with that mysterious something beyond ourselves and our world.

Sainthood for the smartphone generation

13 October 2019 | Beth Doherty

Is it still possible to live a mystical life in a de-mystified world?

God is the water in my garden

13 October 2019 | James O'Brien

Being led by God into a deepening experience of grace.

The weird and wonderful of Catholicism

13 October 2019 | Dylan Forge

There are some mystical aspects of Catholicism that seem strange to people outside the Church (and some inside the Church, too). But if we look at some of them a little more closely, we can find ideas that have enriched the prayer lives of Catholics over the centuries.

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