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Summer 2009: Catholics and the media

04 January 2009


Catholic idol

04 January 2009 | Penny Edman

Catholic idolThrough chart-topping success with CDB, and the depths of despair, artist Gary Pinto knows God has always been there for him.

Giving real answers

04 January 2009 | Catherine Marshall

Giving real answersCatherine Smibert says people are still asking questions about faith. The Church just has to find new ways to provide the answers.

Living traditions

04 January 2009 | Michele Gierck

Living traditionsBetty Pike has chosen to share the wisdom she's gained in her life in a unique way.

Influencing change

04 January 2009 | Beth Doherty

Influencing changeSome stories have a great power to change society for the better.

Hearing religious voices

04 January 2009 | Fatima Measham

Hearing religious voicesIs religion in danger of disappearing from the media? Journalist Barney Zwartz thinks religion remains relevant in the public sphere.

Filtering the net

04 January 2009 | Jane Ryan

Filtering the netThe world is at our children's fingertips, bringing great benefits but also exposing them to some dangers

God speaks in many ways

04 January 2009 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

God speaks in many waysWhen we think of communication we usually think of the latest technology. We talk about the advantages of SMS, email and MySpace. But in communication there is something deeper than technology. Communication belongs to the bigger picture of what matters in our lives and in our relationship to God. In this Explorations we look at the bigger picture.

Editorial: Staying connected

04 January 2009 | Michael McVeigh

One of my favourite movie moments is in the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. The city of Minas Tirith is under siege, and young hobbit hero, Pippin, finds himself sheltering from the attacking armies alongside the wizard Gandalf. As an ogre tries to break through the door, a fearful Pippin says he didn't think it would end this way.

Unguarded moments: Mediating the media

04 January 2009 | Ann Rennie

Technology is there to bring us closer together, not pull us apart.

Censoring consumerism

04 January 2009 | Ellie Savage

Censoring consumerismAn Australian tourist in Malaysia explores how religious values compete for young people's attention in an increasingly commercialised media.

Catholic TV Guide

04 January 2009 |

Catholic TV guideThe Catholic Church has been featured in a range of television shows over the years. We've put together a Catholic TV Guide to highlight some of the most memorable programs.

Cartoon wisdom

04 January 2009 | Jen Vuk

Cartoon wisdomAnimated films like WALL-E aren't just fun for kids. They also have something to teach us about life.

Writing with purpose

04 January 2009 | Catherine Taggart

Writing with purposeEmmanuel College Warnambool teacher Catherine Taggart built the Australian Catholics Young Journalist Award into her class planning last year, and had six students receive recognition in the award. Here, she shares her secrets.

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