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Spring 2011: Youth for justice

03 August 2011


Sing it for the world

03 August 2011 | Josephine Walton

Sing it for the worldBenefit concerts have been around for many years. Music has a way of bringing people together, and singers and bands have used that power to raise awareness and funds for those in need.

Explorations: A faith that does justice

03 August 2011 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

A faith that does justiceSocial justice is at the heart of our faith. If God loves each person equally, then He must also want each of us to have an equal opportunity to flourish in this world. This can only happen if we place the needs of others, particularly those on the margins, at the centre of our concern.

A social justice playlist

03 August 2011 | Josephine Walton and Ariana Garotti

Top 10 Justice songsHere are ten songs for your playlist with a strong message for the world.

Editorial: Youth for justice

03 August 2011 | Christopher Navarro

We often hear of 'social justice' - in the media, at school, and in conversations with families and friends.

Young Journalist Award Senior Winner: Hazel’s fortune in faith

03 August 2011 | Olivia Fusca

Looking at her, one would never guess Hazel Fortune was dying. With an uncanny resemblance to the Queen of England, Mrs Fortune has a timeless aura; she has not changed in the fifteen years that I have known her.

Putting your hand up

03 August 2011 | Zach Woodward

Putting your hand upZach Woodward's passion for helping others has seen him involved in many community and fundraising initiatives, including the St Vincent de Paul Buddies Program and the Passionists' social justice group, all while studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at Australian Catholic University (ACU). A guest speaker at ACU 's Social Justice Youth Forum in Brisbane earlier this year, we asked Zach to explain why other young people should also be passionate about these issues.

Small steps, large strides

03 August 2011 | Nicola Nemaric

Small steps, large stridesYour own acts of generosity can seem inconsequential when your favourite singer has just secured 30,000 signatures for an Oxfam petition or pledged seven figures to a Haiti relief fund. Can our contributions really make a difference? One 16-year-old demonstrates that youth and lack of fame needn't be a barrier.

Setting the chickens free

03 August 2011 | Christopher Navarro

Setting the chickens freeLiving a just life means also being aware of how the products we consume are produced.

This restaurant rules

03 August 2011 | Nicola Nemaric

This restaurant rulesNicola Nemaric visits Lentil As Anything, where social outreach and dining go hand in hand .

Would you like to make a difference?

03 August 2011 | Ariana Garotti

Would you like to make a differenceFifty years ago, if someone wanted to make a difference they would go out on the streets and make themselves heard. These days we have other alternatives. You can provide support to people around the world from the comfort of your own home, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

A day in the life

03 August 2011 | Natasha Meyer

A day in the lifeTaking a look at a day through the eyes of a child in Africa and a child in Australia.

Not-so-innocent bystanders

03 August 2011 | Josh Hague-Thompson

Not-so-innocent bystandersBullying is a justice issue. Standing up for people being persecuted is just as important when it happens in the playground.

Planted and built up

03 August 2011 | Ashleigh Green

Planted and built upNineteen-year-old Bronte Shepherd has spent two years as a youth intern at St Patrick's Catholic Parish in East Gosford, New South Wales.

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