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Spring 2010: Technology and social justice

10 August 2010


Googling God

10 August 2010 | Penny Edman

Googling GodAn assignment on images of Jesus throughout history might not enthuse many Year 9 boys-except at Parramatta Marist High School, where the surprising bedfellows of religion and technology are producing exceptional results.

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10 August 2010 | Fatima Measham

Click here to join inEarlier this year, a small event for friends to show solidarity for victims of violence became a global phenomenon involving tens of thousands of people. Fatima Measham asks online activists how the web is changing the way we campaign for justice.

A national e-vent

10 August 2010 | Virginia Small

A national e-ventThe Broken Bay Institute's series of e-conferences has given the Catholic Church a new model for bringing communities together to talk about faith.

Online safety

10 August 2010 | Liz Lillis

Online safetyJust like any social interaction, there are ways to use the internet for good, and ways to use it for ill.

Information through the ages

10 August 2010 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Information through the agesCatholics have been adapting to new technologies for more than two thousand years. We don't normally expect churches to be enthusiastic about new technology. Particularly communications technology.

Editorial: Technology for justice

10 August 2010 | Michael McVeigh

Can one person make a difference? Mia Northrop would say yes. 

Unguarded moments: OurSpace

10 August 2010 | Ann Rennie

Each of us has created and shaped ourself according to the world we live in. Young people must be trusted to do that, too.

Outside the net

10 August 2010 | Ben O’Mara

Outside the netNot all communities have the same access to new technologies.

Young Journalist Award Senior Winner: Eng Chan: A survivor

10 August 2010 | Sophie Seuk

To describe life for Eng Chan, mother of three, as easy would be the overstatement of the century.

Young Journalist Award Senior Runner-up: It’s all about the music

10 August 2010 | Celeste Mitsiou

Bob was born in November 1940 and has lived in Northcote, Victoria his whole life. He was inspired to work in radio at a very young age.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Winner: Long way home

10 August 2010 | James Lawler

Forging a new identity, fleeing your beloved homeland and undertaking a perilous journey across open seas on a crowded smuggler's ship would be a daunting task for anyone, but when Yasir Hussani was seven years old, it all seemed like a big adventure.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Runner up: Son of a preacher man

10 August 2010 | Henriette Tkalec

Fire: a destroyer, but also a strength.

Young Journalist Award Junior Winner: To smack, or not to smack?

10 August 2010 | Grace Hargreaves

Why do parents smack their children? It's a thing we kids don't talk about much, but I have always wondered about it, though never asked anybody.


Young Journalist Award Junior Runner up: Strangely blessed

10 August 2010 | Lauren Nielsen

Something was seriously wrong, yet the first doctor dismissed it as a drinking problem. However, when Elise Loxton, my mum's friend, received her DNA test, it resulted in the diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder called Spinocerebellar Ataxia

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