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Spring 2009: Building Relationships

06 August 2009


Lending an ear

06 August 2009 | Sarah Baker

Lending an earPriest and counsellor Fr Gerard Dowling says love can sustain families experiencing hardship.

Heart to heart

06 August 2009 | Dan McAloon

Heart to heartSr Megan Donohue has found that one of the best relationship models she can recommend to students is the love between Mary and Jesus.

Life lessons

06 August 2009 | Michael McVeigh

Life lessonsSharing insights on building better relationships.

Talented tenor back at school

06 August 2009 | Bernadette Zebec

Talented tenor back at schoolAustralia's Got Talent winner Mark Vincent admits to sometimes needing a quiet prayer before he can head out on stage.

Shepherding kids

06 August 2009 | Catherine Marshall

Shepherding kidsThe School of St Jude in Tanzania is helping provide children with a better future.

Underdog’s nun

06 August 2009 | Tim Kroenert

Underdog's nunA new film highlights her outreach to asylum seekers, but Sr Carmel Wauchope has always had a place in her heart for the underdogs.

Best mates

06 August 2009 | Beth Doherty

Best matesHow do youth groups help young people build better relationships in their lives? Beth Doherty went on the web to chat with Ben Macintyre and Nathan Lowe, Year 12 Marist College Canberra students who are also part of Antioch.

Explorations: With respect

06 August 2009 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

With respectWe all want to be respected. But respect can mean many different things to us. Some associate it with bullies who teach respect with their fists. Others associate it with being stiff and polite in ways that don't come naturally to us. In this Explorations we look at the kind of respect that is important in all our relationships, and how we can respect others in natural ways.

Editorial: Building better relationships

06 August 2009 | Michael McVeigh

This edition of Australian Catholics is about building better relationships in our lives—with our friends, family, God, and ourselves.

Unguarded moments: Sharing the best of ourselves

06 August 2009 | Ann Rennie

Affirming each person we meet.

Oh, Homie

06 August 2009 | Fatima Measham

Marriage foibles make for good comedy, but what can we learn about relationships from couples on television?

Young Journalist Award Senior Winner: The garden of Egypt

06 August 2009 | Rachel McCann

John Parentich was just ten years old when he and his family fled their home in Croatia during the Nazi invasion of World War Two. 'If we had waited three days, my family would have been dead.'

Young Journalist Award Senior Runner-up: The story of Ly An Tran

06 August 2009 | Debbie Bui

Living in a country ruled by an enemy has proven to be difficult beyond compare. Ly An Tran shares her tale. Her epic journey to Australia is truly a story of survival.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Winner: Working in the Mercy spirit

06 August 2009 | Grace Sheahan

From a very early age, Marion Guthrie felt inspired by the work of missionary Mercy Sisters overseas. It was during her time at St Columbus Primary School in Ballarat that Marion first became intrigued by missionaries, after seeing photographs of sisters overseas holding malnourished African babies.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Runner up: To smile despite it all

06 August 2009 | Angelyn Delmo

Everyone has lost someone, or even something, which they've deeply loved.

Young Journalist Award Junior Winner: The life of a very special nun

06 August 2009 | Antonia Langenegger Genazzano

Not everyone understands how special it is to be a nun and fewer understand the work they do.

Young Journalist Award Junior Runner up: A different generation

06 August 2009 | Jordan Jane Allan

Many times I've heard this story about my greatgrandfather, Eric Gordan Moebus and his life at war, when world travel was just a dream and ships took three long months to get to England. Plane travel was very expensive with only the rich and famous being able to afford this luxury.

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