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Christmas 2013: Loving your neighbour

08 October 2013


Sister Hilda’s healing touch

08 October 2013 | Michele Gierck

Sister Hilda Scott says that her vocation is to help people confront the pain in their lives.

News feature: In God's hands

08 October 2013 | Ray Cassin

Townsville Bishop Michael Putney says his terminal illness won't stop him from continuing his ministry, as long as God has something for him to do.

Believe in the Good: interview with filmmaker Khoa Do

08 October 2013 | Fr Jim McDermott SJ

This winter, SBS presented Better Man, the powerful true story of Van Nguyen, a young Vietnamese-Australian man who got caught trafficking drugs through Singapore and was eventually executed. Fr Jim McDermott sj caught up with the author and director of this mini-series, Khoa Do.

Welcoming the homeless

08 October 2013 | Giselle Lapitan

Marist Youth Care CEO Cate Sydes says tackling homelessness will make it easier to get young people on the margins on track to better lives.

Loving thy neighbour and thyself

08 October 2013 | Clare Deignan

Sometimes we can get so caught up in trying to be there for others that we forget that we have to also look after ourselves. This can be a particular problem in religious and community organisations, where lack of resources can mean much is asked of volunteers and staff.

Welcoming the boats

08 October 2013 | Fatima Measham

Stella Maris Seafarers provides a home away from home for itinerant workers.

AC in the classroom: Understanding human trafficking

08 October 2013 |

These exercises aim to help students articulate a definition of human trafficking and explore some of the complexity of the issue. They are a part of a set of resources developed for schools by the Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans.

Childish compassion

08 October 2013 | Jeffrey Self

How do you explain to children why our country is so unwelcoming towards people who come to our shores on boats?


08 October 2013 | Michael McVeigh

In this edition of Australian Catholics, we explore what it meant when Jesus told his disciples to 'love your neighbour, as yourself' (Mark 12:31).

How to love your neighbour who is a roaring idiot or even worse

08 October 2013 | Brian Doyle

Aw, it's easy to love Mister B, as he's the guy who cheerfully lends his tools to everyone on the street, and gives away hatfuls of fresh redolent tomatoes.

Friends across faiths

1 Comment
08 October 2013 |

Brigid Meney and Anousha Patel disuss how their Catholic and Hindu faiths influence their friendship.

Unguarded moments: Neighbours without borders

08 October 2013 | Ann Rennie

As the familiar TV tune goes, 'everybody loves good neighbours.' But it's time we had greater concern for those neighbours who live way beyond the safe suburban confines of our own backyards.



08 October 2013 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

For many people what being Christian means is summed up in Jesus' words, 'Love one another'. Loving one another evokes many different pictures.

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