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17 September 2018


1993 – My monastery is silver

17 September 2018 | Terry Monagle

train tracks'How and where can I pray during the working day?' A spiritual day in the life of one of the magazine's most gifted writers, who died in 2008.

1996 – The Deanes of Yarralumla

17 September 2018 | Ray Cassin

William DeaneOur new Governor-General looks set to bring a new approach to a job set in an age-old tradition.

2001 – My enemies are just like myself

17 September 2018 | Peter Thomas

The Dalai Lama and the Pope happen to be firm friends. Peter Thomas met the one with whom most Catholics are less familiar.

2004 – Why Sunday Mass?

17 September 2018 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

host being lifted upWhy do I have to go to Mass on Sunday? For generations children have asked their parents this question. Today many adults ask it too. It is an old and a new question, for though Mass remains the same, Sunday has changed.

2006 – Our dreaming place

17 September 2018 | Regina Lane

The closing of St Brigid’s church in Crossley marked the end of an era for this coastal community.

2011 – How to be good

18 September 2018 | Brian Doyle

How to be goodFirst, pick up your wet towel and at least, for heavenssake, hang it up to dry.

2011 – A letter to Santa

18 September 2018 | Michael McGirr

A letter to SantaDear Father Christmas,
We are writing to let you know that your application for asylum in Australia has been denied. You will not be permitted to enter Australian airspace on December 24. The relevant matters are dealt with below. We are taking a bi-partisan approach to this matter.

2015 – Chief Magistrate Mum

17 September 2018 | Kate Moriarty

Order! Order! The Court of Mum is now in session. 

2012 – Harry Potter and the Seven Heavenly Virtues

17 September 2018 | Michael McVeigh

Harry Potter and the Seven Heavenly Virtues The Harry Potter stories delighted us with stories of epic Quidditch matches and heroic efforts to defeat the evil wizard Voldemort. But the way Harry and his friends face obstacles they encounter can also teach us about how to face problems in our own lives.

2015 – Confirmation: Discovering God for yourself

17 September 2018 | Various

Confirmation is our chance to make our own choice to follow God. It’s where we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and become fully part of the Catholic community. We asked some of our young writers to look back on their confirmation, and what it meant for them

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