Brenna Dempsey

Brenna is a member of the Australian Catholics young writers community.

Working in community

18 May 2021

One of our young writers shares her experiences of unions.


Discovering the Light Web

13 February 2020 EH

It sometimes feels that social media is full of nothing but anger and vitriol. But one of our young writers has discovered there are some communities where people can still find beauty and goodness.

Brenna Dempsey

The church as a sanctuary

21 August 2018 EH

The Church can mean different things at different points in our lives. A recent Catholic school graduate reflects on a trip to Europe where she discovered something new about the faith she’d grown up with.


Online exclusive: A taste of a world without boundaries

30 November 2017 EH

How is it that we can be a different person when we go on holidays? One of our young writers, Brenna Dempsey, reflects on her overseas adventure in June this year, and pines for those days again. 


Women who have inspired me

24 May 2017 EH

I feel very fortunate that I have always been surrounded by strong, confident and positive female role models.


My favourite song, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

2 February 2017 EH

This song is an absolute joy to sing, with its powerful lyrics, intense low and high harmonies. It reminds me of lunch times in Year 9. I would sit in the shade surrounded by the most amazing group of friends, eating and chatting and belting out various renditions of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, harmonies and all, simply for our own enjoyment. We always had so much fun. Being surrounded by such supportive, funny and intelligent friends was enough for me, but knowing they all had such good taste in music simply topped it off.


Lives set adrift

30 January 2015 EH

Here in Australia, refugees who arrive without authorisation are subjected to detention, and those who come by boat are sent to overseas processing centres and told they will never be allowed to settle in Australia. We asked one of our young writers, Brenna Dempsey, to speak to some people who work with refugees to see if she could find out some of their stories.