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YJA 2016 Intermediate Honourable Mention: An Angel of Mercy

Chelsea Luders  |  18 August 2016

It has been said many times that “Everything happens for a reason” but after watching my brother, Mitchell, die from cancer when he was only 13, it’s just about impossible to find any reason for that. I do believe that you don’t meet special people by accident. The right people come into your life at exactly the time you need them to be. One of those special people that I have been lucky to meet is a children’s doctor who is always doing everything for her patients and has a supercool name. She is a wonderful person and inspires me in many ways. So, I’d like to tell you about Dr Sara Bluefeather.

Sara was born in 1974 in Colorado Springs and grew up in Albuquerque after moving there with her family.  Sara always loved children and one of her first jobs was as a Nanny.  Sara knew from an early age that she wanted to be a paediatrician and worked hard to achieve this.

In 1999 Sara began medical school.  In 2004 she began training for her dream job, while looking after a family of her own. Sara then travelled to places like New Mexico and Ecuador, doing more of her amazing work. In 2014 she made her way to Gladstone, Australia which is where I first met her.

Sara is passionate about her work and loves working with children and their families every day.  This was obvious to me from the first moment we met, while my brother was battling cancer.  Sara was in a new hospital in a new country but still worked incredibly hard to make things better and put her patient’s needs ahead of her own. Over time, during many hospital visits, we got to know Sara and she got to know us.  At every hospital visit she entertained us with stories about some of the crazy and wonderful things she’d done which helped in a sometimes very stressful and sad situation.

Sara says the biggest challenge of her job is “Working with families when the child doesn’t get better.”  As my brother’s cancer got worse I relied on Sara for advice and support under very difficult circumstances.  Sara was there during Mitchell’s final weeks, always caring for him like he was her own child.  Sadly she was also there when he died and the beautiful way she cared for him and for me and my family will always be remembered.  I met many doctors while my brother was sick but none of them were as great as Sara. Sara is caring and compassionate, an incredible doctor and a wonderful person. She works incredibly hard to get to know every one she meets and makes sure her patients are treated like family. She has made a huge impact on my life and inspires me every day to keep growing, learning and to keep going when things are tough. 

Although we met at a very sad and confusing time, Sara’s helped me more than she knows and I feel very lucky to have met her.  She has definitely inspired me in many ways.   I don’t know yet what I want to do when I grow up but I hope to make a difference in others’ lives and inspire others just like Dr. Sara Bluefeather inspires me.


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