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Winter questions and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  25 June 2020

Read The winter of our positive intent on the Australian Catholics Catholic Teacher blog and take part in the following questions and activities.


  • What is ecospirituality?
  • What was different about Jesus’ message of living?
  • How do you practise this way of living?
  • Discuss what it means when Sr Mary Tinney says Jesus entered into solidarity with our suffering.


Appreciating Creation

  1. Make a diorama of a winter scene. It can be what you see from your window or using a picture as a reference point. If you have time you could perhaps repeat the scene imagining what it would be like in spring, summer and autumn.
  2. Write a poem about what winter means to you.


Read or summarise The winter of our positive intent on the Australian Catholics Catholic Teacher blog and talk with the students about the changing seasons and what they mean to them.

Activity: A world of thanks

The aim of this activity is to have the students express appreciation for the beauty of creation and to appreciate the winter season.


  • Invite the children to take a nature walk with you to appreciate God's gifts of creation.
  • Suggest that this be a quiet walk. They may talk softly to you or to each other but should limit their talking to pointing out their discoveries.
  • Ask children to be aware of things that need their special care.
  • After the walk, invite the children to sit in a circle on the floor. Discuss how the seasons affect what the students see on their walk. If you have a globe, you might place it in the centre of the circle. Ask children why they think you put the globe there (to make them think of the whole world that God created).
  • Say: Let’s give God a world of thanks for all the gifts he has given us. Go around the circle, encouraging children to thank God for something specific that they saw on the nature walk.
  • Conclude with a discussion of the opportunities the children saw for ways that they could care for the environment.

Image: Hawkesbury River, NSW –


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