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Debora Belay  |  23 August 2018

‘I was sitting next to one of my patients, talking to her before she falls asleep for the rest of her life. Her last words to me were ‘lovely’ and then she fell asleep.’

Yanate is a woman who cares a lot about her elderly people. Even though it’s very hard to communicate with them as they have different cultures, she still cares for them.

Yanate is my hero because she loves spending time with the elderly people and learning from the experienced. She enjoys the fact that she can make a difference in their lives and help them. She also thinks it’s satisfying to help them. Yanate started her community role after Year 12. She started working at a place called Mercy Community Health.

Yanate works with people like Alberto, an Italian man who cares a lot about young adults. Like Yanate, he tells them to go home and drink some milk and study hard to go back to school.

Yanate was born in Eritrea, Asmara with her sister and her mum. She and her family were refugees when they came to Australia and got a house, since then her mum has two babies a boy and a girl there not twins thou. When Yanate turned 19 and graduated from high school she began the job. Their family has had a wonderful year from then, with her youngest sister working at Nandos and has a career at begin a fashion designer. Yanate goes to church in Sunshine and goes to a youth group every Friday. In her work time, if something gets out of hand she prays to God and God hears her.

Another significant factor about Yanate is that she loves her job and helps the elderly with their activity of daily living. She likes to sing, dance and do many other things with the elderly people – that’s how much she enjoys the time she spends with them. She said, ‘it’s been hard to work with them because of how many deaths I’ve seen’.

She told a story about a woman she worked with who was lovely and called her lovey every time she saw her. Despite being 96, the woman used to so picky about the way they dressed her, for example, the colour of her clothes must be the same colour as her nail polish or shoes etc. She celebrated her last birthday (which she turned 97 years old) and then died three days later, holding Yanate’s hand and fell asleep.

Yanate shows her mercy by being there to help for the elderly. She loves her job and loves the people around her. There this verse that reminds me about how she loves her job more than money, ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men’ Colossians 3:32. This verse says to me don’t love money(men) more than the Lord, and work at it with all your heart.

I’m very lucky that Yanate is a part of my life as a Sunday school teacher.

Debora Belay is from Thomas Carr College, Tarneit, VIC.


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