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Video: Judge Jesus

27 January 2016

When we sin, what kind of judgement can we expect from the highest court authority of all – God? Watch our new original video, ‘Judge Jesus’, and learn about sin and forgiveness in the Gospels.

Reflection questions and activities

1. What does Jesus have in common with superheroes? How is Jesus different from superheroes? 

Write a head to head comparison with the title 'Jesus vs [a superhero]' (it could be Batman, Superman or another one of your choosing). List the powers each one brings, and the gifts they bring to resolving conflicts. You might also want to write a story about what might happen if they met. 

2. If you were to create a comic book about 'Judge Jesus' what events from the Gospels would you choose to depict? Think about a particular time where Jesus shows mercy towards someone else, such as one of the ones in the video. 

Draw a comic of the event, showing not only what is in the Gospel scene, but also what other people viewing the scene might have said or thought about it. 

3. Why might we consider 'mercy' to be a superpower? What are some experiences that you've had on mercy? What effect did mercy have? How might influential people in our world wield mercy as a 'superpower'?

Write to a leader in our society - a politician, judge or a business leader - pointing out to them the power of mercy in the decisions they make. 


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