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Video: Jesus the foodie - including questions and classroom activities

Michael McVeigh  |  05 November 2015

Food was a big part of Jesus' life and ministry. Explore 'Jesus the foodie' in this video, then check out the Christmas 2015 edition of Australian Catholics magazine for more resources exploring food and faith.

After watching the video ‘Jesus the foodie’, answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

For older students, you might like to also get them to read this Explorations article by Fr Andrew Hamilton, 'Gluttony vs temperance'

1. Why do you think food and sharing a meal with others is important to relationships?

2. What does 'temperance' mean? Why is it necessary when it comes to eating? When can temperance be taken too far?

3. It’s important to enjoy food, but why and how can gluttony ruin relationships?

4. What is hospitality? Why is hospitality important when sharing food with others?

5. What did Jesus teach us about hospitality? How can you remember to be hospitable when you want to be greedy?


1. Jesus at the table: Write a short story about who Jesus would share a meal with today. Imagine where the meal would take place? Who would jesus invite? What would be served to eat? What sort of meal would it be formal or casual? What would the conversation be like? Would they say grace together? When you’re finished with your story, share it with your class.

2. Read Matthew 14:13-21 for the story of Jesus feeding five thousand people. Imagine you are one of the people in the crowd. Write the story from your own perspective: Why were you there? What did you want from Jesus? What did you see of the miracle? What was it like eating the food? For a bit of fun, you might like to pretend that you're reviewing the meal as a food critic. 

For younger students

Jesus & tips to top table manners: Imagine Jesus was offering tips on table manners, what would his tips be for how to eat with others? Would they focus on edict or how we treat each other during the meal? Write at least five Jesus’ table manners tips. Then share your tips with your class. 


DOWNLOAD the video for use in the classroom. 



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