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Video: Jesus' Olympic feats

21 July 2016

What were Jesus’ greatest achievements? How do we ‘win’ or ‘lose’ as Christians? Watch our new original video and learn what Jesus’ version of the Olympics might be like. 

Watch the above video, ‘Jesus' Olympic feats’, and answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

1. In his time, do you think Jesus would have been viewed by his community as a winner?

2. What does 'winning' mean in Christianity?

3. How do we ‘win’ or ‘lose’ as Christians?

4. If Jesus had his own Olympic Games, to whom do you think he would award gold, silver and bronze?


1. Christian Olympic Games: In pairs or groups of three, create a Christian Olympic Games. How would participants compete? What sort of games would make up a Christian Olympics? How would you tests the Christian virtues of charity, love and hope? How would winners be awarded? 

Each group can then present their Christian Olympic Games to the class.

2. Gold, silver and bronze: After you’ve read through the winter edition of Australian Catholics magazine, decide which social justice stories you would give a gold, silver or bronze medal? 

Share your choices with your class and explain why you chose them. 



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