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VIDEO: Generation Mercy

20 October 2016

In our new video 'Generation Mercy', we ask the question: what if the next generation of young people became a generation of mercy? How would they approach the world differently? What inspiration might they gather from the first Christians? Watch our new video and explore how your class can help their generation become 'Generation Mercy!



Make sure you read Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-35 and watch the first half of the video before doing these questions. 

1. What do you think are the main characteristics of your generation (ie. people your age)?

2. Why do you think Pope Francis encourages young people to be merciful? 

3. What was it about the way the first Christians lived that was different? Why might we describe them as a ‘Mercy Generation’?

4. List the different things that Christians did to live out their faith. Next to each, list something that people today could do in order to follow their example?

5. What do you think about your generation working to become a generation of mercy? Do you think it’s possible?


1. Research online what is a generation? How and who defines them? Imagine if you could define your own generation. What about today’s world would influence your generation? What would make your generation a generation of mercy? 

Create a collage from old magazines that illustrates what defines your generation, what you’re going through right now and how you could become a Generation Mercy.

2. Write a two-page short story about your generation becoming a generation of mercy. What outside influences impacted your generation so that you became a generation of mercy? What choices did you as a generation make that allowed you to become 'Generation Mercy'?

3. Imagine you are one of the first generation of Christians. Write a letter to the next generation, describing your encounter with Jesus, your life after Jesus’ death, and how you would like them to continue on the Christian journey your generation has begun.

For younger students

Teachers can play the video for their students. You may need to stop it at each clip to allow students to read the text or read the text to your students. Then have a discussion on what is a generation of mercy using the questions in the video or above.

After the class discussion and watching the second half of the video, pass out and read the lyrics to the song ‘This little light of mine’. Explain to the students that to become a generation of mercy, they have to begin with themselves. To end, as a class sing the song ‘This little light of mine’.




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